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The American Flag

These colors only run to Best Buy this weekend for their Memorial Day sale!

If you’re an American, you know that Memorial Day is the one day a year civilians are allowed to talk to military personnel without the typical security clearance beauracracy. Unfortunately, most of us instead spend the whole day eating hamburgers, polluting the nation’s beaches, and driving like assholes.

I mean seriously can you use your fucking blinkers, buddy?

Anyway, whether you’re an American citizen, a legal non-citizen resident, an illegal immigrant cleaning up after today’s celebrations, or a foreigner pining after the brand of freedom only available in the United States, Top Tier Tactics wishes you a happy Memorial Day.

I recommend you spend the entire holiday indoors playing video games, preferably WW2-based first person shooters. If that isn’t patriotic, I don’t know what is.

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  1. WW2 FPS games pretty much are the heart and soul of America. Same game, slightly different claims and looks. Just like politicians!

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