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We’re pleased to bring you the epitome of high-brow culture, class, and dignity… The Duke Nukem Forever launch trailer! As if. It’s rude, it’s crass, it’s lewd, and it pretty much speaks for itself, so check below the break for the WORLD FIRST EXCLUSIVE* Duke Nukem Forever launch trailer.

WARNING: This video contains content that is unsuitable for you little one’s out there. Seriously. If you’re under 17, don’t start going into this post. Your eyeballs will boil, and your limbs will start falling off at random. Also we’ll hate you forever.

Learn more at the Duke Nukem Forever Wiki

*Note: This is not exclusive nor in all likeliness are we the first.

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  1. Wow, looks very vulgar, and violent. This game’s a case of vaporware, I’ve heard about it a loong while back. Looks very nice, well done. Good game probably. Hopefully it won’t be a, mission after mission game, and it’ll let you roam freely.

    • Vaporware? How can you call a game “vaporware” in the very article the (imminent) launch trailer is published?

      Pime taradox.

  2. I gotta wonder how this monster isn’t rated AO.

    Whether it’s worth waiting over a decade for is likely, but we’ll see when it’s actually released.

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