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It doesn't get bigger than this!

If you forgot, the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2011 is just around the corner, so it’s only a matter of a few dozen hours until Rabid Ferret and yours truly are walking amongst the elites of the game development and journalism worlds.

How did we get in? What will we see? How many minutes will it take for Rabid Ferret to get us kicked out? Who knows!

The important thing is that you tune in to Top Tier Tactics to experience our adventures, gather our insights, and drool helplessly over all the incessantly interesting things we’ll be checking out. We know you probably won’t be coming to T3 for by-the-second news reveals, but we certainly hope you’ll take a minute of your day for a different slant on the latest and greatest out of LA.

At the very least, we’ll end up on an episode of Cops.

Update: Hit the break for a video overview of what you can expect!



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  1. But the question is, will there be a new Super Smash Bros.? Because I will literally devour twelve trees if there isn’t. And then I will head to the moon, cus gas is cheaper there. ;-)

    • As far as I know there aren’t any. You have to watch streams on game sites. Also keep in mind that E3 is not a single scheduled event so its not something you can just watch straight through.

      • G4TV (the gaming TV channel thing) tends to have a LOT of E3 coverage so you might get a lot from there. At least whatever is most important.

    • Although there may not be an actual cable broadcast of the event, you can also go to some developer/publisher sites. For example, UbiSoft has a timer on their Uplay page, and plans to stream their press conference live. Xbox also has such an announcement on their page as well, with theirs scheduled at like 12:15 p.m. on June 6th. Just try and figure out which ones you want to hear from, and check their main pages to see what time they’re streaming, and convert to fit your local time zone.

  2. The world is officially dead until 7:30 a.m. (GMT+10).

    Yes, I said it.

    If you’re able to report on anything about Mass Effect 3, that would be awesome. Other than that, you’re already set to go!

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