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Ubisoft Media Briefing E3 2011We’re live at the Ubisoft E3 2011 Media Briefing Event at the Los Angeles Theatre!

We just landed at LAX less than an hour ago, so we scrambled to get our bags, bills, and netbooks ready to cover this event. And fuck it, we’re doing it live. What does that mean? Simple; this is a live post. Hit the break to continue reading; the article will be updated in real time as events unfold. Isn’t technology great?

Please note: Live updates may not be visible in all browsers.

Live Ubisoft event feed


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  1. I was streaming the conference online, and trust me, I wished there was a SKIP option somewhere. No, I don’t care about Rayman, a bunch of rabbits, or a late Rock Band-esque entry (wrong time, Ubi…the other band simulation games have been discontinued because no one cares).

    The company, and everyone else streaming/sitting in that audience knew the real Belle of the Ball was AC:Revelations. And Ubisoft delivered. :)

    Excellent job guys (as always…this was the most blatantly truthful livefeed I’ve seen)! Will you be checking the AC booth to *hopefully* try out the demo?

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