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I had some additional time to play Revelations and ask the Ubisoft reps more questions! Here’s what I learned:

  • Contested kills will occur when a hunter assassination and a stun occur simultaneously. The defender can mash buttons to delay the kill.
  • Defenders will still lose but will get points based on how well they contested the assassination
  • Players can taunt though there doesn’t appear to be an impact on gameplay or scoring.
  • Smoke Bomb is still in the game in addition to the new smoke trap ability
  • Smoke traps can be thrown and attached to walls
  • There is a new ability that resets Chase Breakers!
  • There are also perks that directly affect chase breakers
  • The rep told me that in some modes there will be a roof penalty, but couldn’t say what or in which modes it would apply, though Manhunt would not be one of them
  • Defenders can now stun NPCs so they can no longer spam Stun without repercussion.
  • Stunned players lose their contracts longer
  • Just as in Brotherhood, customization will be copied to NPCs with your persona but some customization might affect gameplay. Players will also be able to form clans and create clan insignias.
  • I’m not certain but it looks like Focus kills require mire time now.
  • The lock on system is pretty much the same hut it feels less “sticky” than it does in Brotherhood
  • Overall stunning is easier but its also easier to mess up so stealth on both sides will be a little more important
  • The radar felt slightly less accurate to me although line if sight and secondary targets work the same as they do now
  • The profile menu is streamlined into the deathcam so you can change profiles faster. I dint see how profiles are set or if they can be changed mid game but I assume they can
  • It appears that players can now choose and or earn titles to display next to their names
  • I saw one player labeled The Stun Master and another Master Templar Warrior

That’s it for now! More updates to come!

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    Focus kills require more time now, not mire time.
    Looks good, fixes the roof runners problem. Kinda. No more having to hack stuff to get rid of them runners >:V.

  2. I gots me a question, i noticed that for some “silent” kills, your character just stabs the enemy with a hidden blade so first question, does everyone have a hidden blade? and are all low profile stealth kill just stabs and no personalized silent kills like they did in brotherhood.

    For example; the footpad’s (aka beiber) silent kill/low profile kill was the triple punch-uppercut-stab in your chest kill so is that now just a quick hidden blade stab in Revelations?

    Also i know that there are personalized kills but it seems to only work when your running/high profile.

    Also Also it seems with the characters so far they all have swords/axe/mace/hammer etc. and no fans, syringe, razor, compass, little guns and other unique killing weapons like in brotherhood. I know its early but if all the characters just have those kinds of sword-like weapons thats just gonna be boring.

    • I don’t think most personas have hidden blades… I think in some places it may have just been a new kind of animation. So far there doesn’t seem to be any super cool characters but hopefully soon!

      • If you stay in LoS long enough, you will get a stealthier kill instead of one with your normal weapon, which are very obvious. I do believe that a body laying on the ground is still a sign that a person is there, so it shouldn’t affect gameplay too much.

  3. Latest from Gamespot: http://www.gamespot.com/xbox360/action/assassins-creed-revelations/news/6326669/assassins-creed-revelations-multiplayer-hands-on?sid=6326669&mode=previews&tag=topslot;title;1

    Pretty excited about the new customisability regarding abilities and the kill/stun animations. Also the “Honourable deaths” are a long-waited addition as well. Better locking and matchmaking addresses a lot of the complaints we’ve had… In short, jsut can’t wait!

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