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Response from Robin Walker on the event!

Destroying the Wrench

As many people know, I’ve planned to destroy Golden Wrench #31 ever since receiving it. While I’ve often briefly described my intentions, I’d like to take this time to explain my motivations, what I seek to accomplish, and ask you for your help and support.

Since its inception, the Golden Wrench stirred up a lot of controversy; it was an item whose hype was matched only by its rarity. Releasing only 100 of the items, at random, to the Team Fortress 2 population, Valve incurred the ire of many players who crafted their entire inventories in vain. Meanwhile, 99 jokers and I got awarded these rare weapons at random. These weapons induce a magical, Midas effect and even feature several item-specific kill dialog.

The Steam community has seen a bevy of bad emotions resulting from this distribution (and, in some cases, from hacking-related fallout), and as an owner of the Wrench, I’ve also experienced a bit of its curse. While it’s certainly fun to wield this magical weapon, it’s also served as a source of constant inquiry, hate, jealousy, and (dare I say it?) unwanted attention. It’s a shame that such a fun item was so limited that it has ultimately made Team Fortress 2 less fun, not more.

A Golden Opportunity for Positive Change

So, in my infinite wisdom, I’ve decided that perhaps Golden Wrench #31 is better served destroyed than remaining to exist. I also decided that, if I were to destroy it, why shouldn’t I try to make something good come of the situation? To create something positive of this utterly divisive, bitter issue? And for that reason, I’ve chosen to run a fundraiser to benefit the Child’s Play Charity, culminating in the destruction of the Golden Wrench.

For those of you unfamiliar with this charity, Child’s Play is associated with Penny Arcade and works to donate games, toys, and other goods to children’s hospitals around the country. These items help children, many of whom are seriously (or even terminally) ill, better endure their hospital stays. This organization has consistently worked with the gaming community to show that gamers like you and me can make a positive difference in the lives of children who need our help.

How You Can Help Turn Gold into Good

The task at hand is simple. Below, you’ll find a widget where you can donate any amount you wish to give directly to the Child’s Play Charity. Your gift will be tallied, along with the gifts of all other contributors, through August 23. These donations will help bring movies, music, games, and toys to ill children who desperately need something to help them through an incredibly difficult part of their lives.

On August 31st, I will destroy the 31st Golden Wrench, and invite the 20 most generous contributors to commemorate the event in-server with me as the final witnesses to its demise. Take screen shots, record demos, be the last people ever immortalized as #31’s victims before this 1 in 100 item is permanently deleted. For anyone who doesn’t know, the destruction of the wrench will result in a global announcement to all TF2 players, so it will be kind of a big deal.

So please, take a minute of your time and a couple dollars to help turn a useless virtual item into real and permanent good for children in need. Be a hero to someone in pain, and you’ll also be a part of Team Fortress 2 history forever.

Donate any amount you can; every dollar helps someone in need.
Please share this page with as many people as you can, especially those active in the Team Fortress 2 community. This widget will remain active in this post, on the Golden Charity page, and on the sidebar through August 23, 2010. Thanks for your support!

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  1. Gonna see if I can’t get the word out about this, who knows I know Penny Arcade donates to this very charity maybe they’ll find this interesting.

  2. Well shows how smart I am, Gabe and Tycho started the charity. Well the Penny Arcade forums know about it now lol.

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