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This is the man responsible for your accidental self-electrocutions.

E3’s over but that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to milk its sweet, sweet nectar by recanting stories of the exposition and/or giving away some fucking lewt.

The first prize available: How about some free video games!?

At E3, I had the honor of meeting several Paradox Interactive employees, who showed me several of their current and upcoming titles, including King Arthur 2, Magicka’s PvP Update, and Crusader Kings II (easily the most impressive of the list*). Magicka PvP is not that different from regular Magicka (read: it is still quite fun), considering it’s already fairly hostile; King Arthur 2 was interesting but remains far from release; Crusader Kings II looked fucking amazing but I only got five minutes with it!

Enough blabbering, I know why you’re here: you want to win free, E3-exclusive stuff! Continue reading and win to your heart’s content!

The nice people at Paradox Interactive handed me a fistful of Steam codes for Magicka and King Arthur 2, as well as a few Paradox Interactive temporary tattoos. That’s right, you could be playing some awesome PC games or you could be rockin’ some sixth grade fashion statements. What could be more exciting?

Retweet to win

Look, we’ll level with you: we don’t like Twitter. It’s far too hip for us to really understand and the thought of following strangers around all day makes us just as uncomfortable as the prospect of bathing daily. That said, we do live in the future just like everyone else, so we’re always looking for ways to spam people share our content with new readers.

For a chance to win one of these Paradoxical prizes, simply retweet any Top Tier Tactics article between June 15 and June 30.

We don’t care if it’s an old article or a new one, or if you retweet every friggin’ article we put out. You’ll get one entry per article, so there will be plenty of opportunities to enter! That’s what we call a high problem. Just do us a favor and limit it to one account per person and one RT per article. We’ll be picking random winners over the next two weeks and handing out itamz.

You could even start by retweeting this article.

* Which is obviously why it’s not part of this giveaway.

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  1. I’d prefer a tattoo. I need something to place over my nose to cover a bruise. A bruise made by my knee. Ow.
    Also I don’t have a twitter. How could I participate?

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