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Actually Pretty Bad

Good lord I’ve been away for a while. Just my luck, I got seriously ill (again) just around the time of E3 so that’s why none of you were able to see any golden bearded glory at the ol’ convention centre this year. I just so happened to be trying out the new open beta for APB: Reloaded before getting carted off to the loony bin hospital* so I’ve thrown together a little review for you guys to enjoy.

“But Bin,” I hear you cry, “your written reviews don’t normally take so long. What the hell gives?”. Well, WiNG, it’s because this review is in fancy video format from the future so you can even enjoy it at home, at the office, in the shower, wherever good times are had!

Head past the break for the video and prepare to be moderately occupied for the next five minutes.



*Thank you all very much for your ‘get well soon’ messages. I only responded to a couple but I did read every single one of them.

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  1. Golden orange beard, why must we be a continent and an ocean apart?

    Video was great, APB will suck unless video-game producers start growing brains.

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