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Notch and WiNGSPANTT at E3 2011 Minecraft

Also, I met some foreign dude with a dumb shirt.

In case you haven’t spent every waking minute hitting F5 on my YouTube channel, I posted a good number of videos relating to our E3 escapades over the past week. While I’ll spare you the trauma of watching them on the front page, you can look forward to some of the following insanity after the break:

  • Hands-on gameplay and thoughts on Assassin’s Creed: Revelations
  • World exclusive PowerUp Heroes versus mode gameplay
  • Wii U Ghost Recon Online gameplay and controls
  • Wii U Battle Mii tech demonstration gameplay
  • Rampant misogyny and objectification of women
  • And much, much more!*

(Get ready to scroll a lot.)

Assassin’s Creed Revelations gameplay footage

PowerUp Heroes (Kinect) versus mode

Wii U tech demo gameplay footage

Random videos on my camera

* Not really. But thanks for checking.

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  1. I did not press F5 every damn second on your YouTube, I was too busy doing that to the t3 main page. Besides I saw all of these about an hour after they came out. Man do I love this site.

  2. Bah stupid foreign dudes wearing shirts that no one heard of. Bah.

    Also LUIGI + Vacuum = AMAZINGGGGG

    Tank-on-Tank action! … Not like that!

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