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The doctor is in TF2 Medic

It appears the doctor... is OUT.

As pointed out by Guy923 (I was previously oblivious), it appears the much-anticipated Meet the Medic video should be coming out shortly, as evidenced by an increasing number of hints on the official Team Fortress 2 site. These hints include a spattering of doves, a bird that was previously revealed to be somehow associated with the Medic in some unreleased artwork.

Other than some additional hidden art pieces, who knows what this entails? I can only say though that with the masterpiece known as Meet the Spy, Valve will have to pull out all the stops to impress the TF2 community again.

What do you think?

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  1. Did no one even notice the earlier tease they did in the Meet The Director comic? The last panel shows stills from Meet the Medic. I cannot wait, I’m so excited!

  2. Medic update will probably contain:
    Quick fix.
    Beta bonesaw.
    And beta syringe gun.
    These all work well together, quick fix fills up really fast, syringe gun increases speed to 119%, quick fix will let you pocket scouts, whizzing around the battle field.
    Beta bonesaw, exactly the same as the ubersaw, except you can see the enemies hp. Fast medic, healing people a.s.a.p, seeing people’s health and taking down the weak enemies. All 3 of these work well, most likely going to be put in. Along with the beta pocket rocket launchers, shotguns, and other stuff.

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