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Binerexis was telling me we needed to leverage social media more, so I figured what better way to do so than continuous streams of bribes? In addition to our ongoing Twitter-based free games giveaway, I’d like to also announce some other fun promotions. And since I’ve already taken the liberty of doing so on my YouTube channel, I’ll just post the announcement after the break, because why not?

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention… get ready for a Brotherhood tournament with an exquisite prize…

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  1. If only the t3 Facebook only had 15 likes like a long time ago, I’d be a shoe-in. But oh well. Free swag = Popularity. But is it really popularity if you’re bribing everyone to like you?

  2. haha yeah free stuff works all the time!! XD i love how you ended the video btw haha. but…i wanna enter for the Ezio poster!! * 3* i love Ezio!! when will the announcement for the tournament be made?! OuO

  3. Wow, its still kinda hard to match that voice with that face for some reason =o But still, free stuff? Why not? I didn’t know you guys -had- a Facebook page before this! Get a banner on the side for that!

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