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If there’s one thing I love, it’s my lovely Elle. But if there’s two things I love, it’s her and video games. If that list was expanded to three, it would probably include either writing or Coke Zero. But in a much longer list, Magic the Gathering would be up there, probably around item #422.

While I previously posted some Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 strategy tidbits, I though I’d go into greater detail with some actual gameplay footage, three ranked matches to be exact. And since the community hasn’t picked up on just how smokin’ hot Chandra’s Unquenchable Fire deck is, what better weapon to bring into the XBLA arena than burn, burn, and more burn?

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  1. Okay, how does this magic works? You can use any cards you want or you have to drop/buy them? Is the multiplayer T2? T1.5? Vintage? T1? Extended? Casual? I’m gettin’ interested.

    If that game works just like normal magic: I love monored burn decks, so fun to use :D If you can, try to get some Ember Haulers, Shrine of Burning Rages and Lightning Bolts(you probably have the LBolts anyway).

    The problem about this kind of deck is that I feel so weak against the really-popular green/blue Tarmogoyf+FoW :(((

    • It’s not any of those. The game comes with 10 preconstructed decks. You can unlock cards for each one (about 20) and customize each deck. They sell expansions with 3 new decks and 3 cards for each existing deck (so about 30 more) for $5 a piece every other month. It’s more casual that way but it moves along fast, which is good.

  2. RE: Conceding
    Not only is conceding one of the oldest traditions in Magic the gathering, it’s also a sign of courtesy to your opponent, a way of not wasting anyone’s time and moving on to the next game. I have the feeling that people equate conceding to unplugging your cable on the far end of a fighting match that is going badly or something of that kind.

    RE: Video
    I enjoyed the video for it’s entertainment value mostly. While I appreciated your insights on the cards and overall strategies, I felt I could only do so because I’ve had a history with Magic myself… maybe you could try providing a more structured presentation for those starting out?

    Will be waiting for the next one ;)

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