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I’m pretty sure that this has happened to everyone. At least, I hope it’s happened to everyone because otherwise I’m going to look rather foolish. Granted it won’t be the first time I’ve looked foolish, but it’s never a good thing to look like an arse in front of a group of people.

Speaking about making an arse of myself, here’s my most recent video concerning Magicka, which you may or may not have to check out after the break – because that damn separation thing hates my guts. Enjoy!

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  1. I still know nothing about magicka. Except, if you speak badly of it, a bear will rip you to pieces.
    And throw every piece into a fire. And as it burned, it really hurt because I was so happy for you. :(
    now these points of data make a beautiful line… Wait.. Weren’t we talking about something?
    I get sidetracked too easy. SPEAKING OF TRACKS,
    I’ sorry for all the randomness :[

    • I’m not paying for a new OS that just looks a bit shinier unless I’m getting an entirely brand new PC to go with it. Seriously, fuck paying for a bit of extra shiny (and at least it wasn’t one of those $3000 Macs I hear idiots buy).

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