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      • It’s very bright with little dark areas for contrast, so the entire page looks like square blobs with little interpretation. The front page is very flashy, which is very good in being eye-catching, but doesn’t provide the user any other information instantly. All I know is what’s featured on the top, and the stuff on the bottom could be older or related, or “side notes”, but I can’t tell right from the bat.

        I think TTT would do best from a simple layout much like RockPaperShotgun, or a hybrid of old-Kotaku with the original TTT.

  1. its probably because i became acustomed to the simple layout of scrolling down the page but i should get used to it soon.

  2. IMHO, it could do with a little orange, you know, on the side or so, just to give a hint to the old loved design for the long time readers.

  3. I think it needs the orange too. You’re losing the orignal branding. Also, although the highlighted articles are flashy, they don’t convey information readily. The whole thing is just information overload. Four articles at once on the bottom is too much.

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