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Since the Steam Summer Sale offered Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood at 50% this week, I thought I’d purchase it on PC and take my talents to a new, mouse-controlled arena. What I discovered was much improved graphics, tighter controls, and the same terrible matchmaking. But boy was it pretty when it worked (it rarely worked)! Anyway, see my low-level exploits below and throw it on full screen HD for the ultimate in pants-crapping effects.

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    • If you just want the multiplayer, yes. For the story, you should at least play AC2, because otherwise it makes very little sense. AC1 will provide more backstory on assassins/templars but with a different main character.

      I played them all in order and I would do the same if I had to start over. A lot of people found the first one too repetitive (it is less of a problem on PC, but still not as good as AC2).

      TL;DR: Multiplayer: Brotherhood
      You want to understand the Brotherhood story: you need AC2
      You want the whole experience: play them all 3 in order.

    • Basically what Keikran said. The story of the single player won’t make a lick of sense, but for multiplayer it doesn’t matter since the other 2 games didn’t even have multiplayer.

  1. God, at this rate, I’m going to demand you just make cooking videos, cause all the recipes you talk about are drool-worthy D:

      • Stating that Brotherhood is worn out might have been a little overreaction by me because of the HUUUUUGE lag I’m experiencing. This game’s multiplayer is about thrilling precision, but I regulary die even though I threw my smoke bomb first. Gah!

      • Darn, this wasn’t meant to be a reply, Guy.

        But to be on-topic: The alliteration is missing. Is there any english word about eating/cooking that starts with ‘w’ ?

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