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Let’s be honest with ourselves – most of TF2’s classes don’t offer much in the way of player creativity. The majority of them are only concerned with putting bullets where the enemies are, or putting explosions where the enemies may go. Here at Top Tier Tactics, we leave those classes to the drooling masses. After all, we need a team full of heavies and soldiers and demomen so that the enemy will still be surprised when we appear from nowhere and totally waste their shit. We play the artful classes, the graceful classes. We play the Spy and the Scout.

The Spy, of course, has already been covered here. Who will cover the Scout? (Don’t look at me.)

This video will! YouTube user Xriloku has compiled a wealth of tips for optimal double and triple jumping as scout, complete with helpful examples for every technique. Air control, regular double jumping, The Force-A-Nature and Boston Basher’s unique jump mechanics, and even jumping using Bonk and enemy sentries are all covered here! How practical will most of these techniques prove to be in combat? Hard to say, but you would certainly look badass if you managed to make a sentry gun your victory chariot, and style is the most important thing, remember? At the very least, you’ll be sure to pick up some new spots where you can save some time.

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  1. I love the scout because of his mobility. It lets me beat heavies point blank! I hope more people learn these techniques because most people don’t know that the force jump even exists. On some maps it can be extremely useful. For example: On ctf_double cross you can jump from the sniper barracks to the bridge to the other sniper barracks, go grab the intel, force jump back up to the barracks, and then take the same route back to the intel. If the other team isn’t ready for it you can get there before engineers have a sentry up. And if they don’t get a sentry after that just rinse and repeat. It can be very cheap and make rounds very short.

    Contrary to popular belief I find the atomizer very useful in some maps. I can just jump across the whole battlefield without touching the ground.

  2. Thanks for the feedback! Glad you guys enjoyed the video!

    Also, ErroR, I got that constantly after I released it.

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