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The time has come for Templar agents everywhere to jump into their Animus machines and fight for the title of greatest killer on Earth. And while they’ll certainly be prizes, the real prize is robbing countless opponents of the hope they were ever even remotely good.

Read the whole fucking rulebook below to learn how the tournament will proceed, then get your stabbin’ knives out for some underhanded adventure!

Tournament Groups and Brackets

The T3 Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Tournament will be played on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC. For each platform, designated tournament times will be e-mailed to all players who registered on that platform. If applicable, players will choose a playtime out of available slots.If a player cannot play in any offered time slot, that player will not participate in the tournament. Once an accurate count of available players is made, players will be initially divided into groups of 5-7 on each platform.

For instance, if PC has 13 eligible and available players, there will be a Group A with 7 players and a Group B with 6 players.

Each player will provide Top Tier Tactics with his/her username. At the time of play, a Top Tier Tactics writer will invite all players in a Group into a game lobby. Each group of players will play two (2) rounds of Wanted. All games will be supervised by at least one (1) Top Tier Tactics staff member, who will compete to the best of his ability but will be ineligible for bracket spaces or prize winnings. Any and all rounds of play are subject to be recorded and/or broadcast live by Top Tier Tactics.

After all groups on a platform have completed these matches, the best seven (7) players as determined by total score within their respective group games will advance to the final round.In the event of a tie, lower scoring players will be dropped (i.e. if two players tie for 6th place, there will be no 7th place spot available). In the event of a tie for 7th place, both players will be dropped and placed on standby in the event that another, higher-ranking player cannot participate in the final round.

Finalists will be notified by Top Tier Tactics and will be given a play time for the final round. Signup and lobby invites will be performed in the same manner as the initial group setup. The final round will consist of two (2) rounds of Wanted. The winner of each platform’s final match will be determined by highest total score of these matches. In the event of a tie for first place, additional games will be played until no tie remains, though be advised that players who were not previously tied for first will be eligible to overtake tied players during overtime matches.


Prize Selection and Distribution

Once all finals games have been played on all platforms, the Grand Prize and First Prizes will be awarded in accordance with final scores of each respective platform-specific winner. In the event of a tie, the winner rankings will be determined by highest lower bracket score. In the event of another tie, the winner rankings will be determined at the discretion of Top Tier Tactics. A non-participant prize will be awarded at random to a registered player who was unable to compete in the tournament due to scheduling conflicts.


Additional Notes

Any player caught or suspected of cheating by any means will be immediately disqualified from the tournament. Any players believed to be collaborating or altering the game in a purposely malicious manner will be immediately disqualified from the tournament. In the event of a disconnection or server issue, Top Tier Tactics will determine how the tournament will proceed on a case-by-case basis. By participating in this tournament, players agree to have their in-game usernames stored and/or broadcast publicly by Top Tier Tactics.

Prize delivery will be determined at a later date at the discretion of Top Tier Tactics.

Top Tier Tactics reserves the right to amend or change these rules at any time. Additional rules may be included in communications between Top Tier Tactics and tournament participants. Failure to respond in part or in whole to Top Tier Tactics communications as instructed will result in removal from tournament eligibility.

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  1. A non-participant prize will be awarded at random to a registered player who was unable to compete in the tournament due to scheduling conflicts.

    Does that mean, I could’ve signed up, despite not owning this game AT ALL, and fully knowing I won’t participate, but still could’ve won something? Man, I should’ve signed up. :l

  2. Is there any control into what maps these will be held on?

    Also, I’m assuming all skills are going to be allowed?

  3. When you say it takes place EST, does that mean if it is on at 9pm in America, over in London it is 2am the next day?

    Already signed up, very excited for this!

  4. Hopefully I’ll be able to participate in this! I will sign up now. If there is any footage of a player, would it be possible to send them the footage to upload on their own YouTube channel if proper credit is given?

  5. What do you mean:”You must be signed into Ubisoft online services during the designated time slot.” ??
    I need just to open ACB Multiplayer in my PS3 or to be log into UPLAY?

  6. Why wanted if I may ask? There is an extremely high competitive scence going on in Manhunt. There are private tournaments on fraggednation and they are successful so there is no reasons why they couldn’t be recreated here.

    • A few reasons:

      1. Because we didn’t know how many people we would get, so we couldn’t guarantee to have enough for decent Manhunt games
      2. Wanted means that people who didn’t have friends who played this would still have a chance to win
      3. I am not a big fan of Manhunt

  7. As well, how do you expect Wings to give you the grand prize to your manhunt team :o. I guess you could cut the poster up…

  8. I would LOVE! A chance to participate in this tournament (Ps3) if it’s still going on….or at least to test my skills against you and your buddies Wingspant.

    loopzacrazee= Ps3 username

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