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Have you ever heard of Weapons of Mass Gaming? I hadn’t until fairly recently, when I noticed all my Magic the Gathering videos suggested their own gameplay as a related choice. Fifteen seconds into their crass, hilarious banter I could see why.*

Apparently, WMG hadn’t heard of me either until they posted said videos, and found a certain affinity for the color commentary I provide. They’re rounding up eight of YouTube’s most “famous” Duels of the Planeswalkers players for an online tournament, and for some reason they also picked me.

I’m in the process of scheduling my matchups, but while you wait for the tapping of significant amounts of mana, check out WMG’s fairly informal tournament video, as well as the gameplay that follows. Or see all of their work on YouTube.

WiNG vs Daisho Game 1

WiNG vs Daisho Game 2

*It’s because both videos are about the same videogame. All similarity ends there.

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  1. I’m on your site because I’ve been watching your MtG vids on Youtube. I’m pretty new to the game (played a little bit way back when but I was in middle school and had no clue what I was doing) so I enjoy watching somebody good play so I can learn some strategy and stuff. What I’m saying is I highly recommend you make more MtG vids. ;)

  2. any chance of getting these videos in 720p. I know it’s on Xbox so it may be difficult, but It would be so much more enjoyable to watch if I could read the cards. Love the videos regardless.

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