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Since Mortal Kombat 2, Sub Zero has been my personal favorite character. But time has chilled the notorious ninja, who is a more methodical fighter in MK9. While I’ve certainly learned the most basic combos, I’ve struggled to find a Sub Zero playstyle that just made sense.

Now, there aren’t a lot of “pro” Mortal Kombat 9 players out there, but Tom Brady’s name is usually the first to come up when the subject is breached. A hardcore strategist and kompetitor, Tom is especially known for strapping on his ice skates and kicking in opponents’ skulls with Sub Zero.

There isn’t a large amount of footage of Brady’s chilling gameplay tactics, but he recently joined S1LENT1’s podcast to talk about how followers of the frozen arts can gain the upper hand in a game that seems to be slowly sliding from his grasp. For over one and a half hours, Tom detailed the exact problems, solutions, and mind games necessary for Mortal Kombat players to master Sub Zero.

I’ll offer you one warning: the following “video” is almost entirely podcast audio, so don’t expect gameplay. What you can expect, however, is some extremely insightful discussion into the balance and meter management that make this Mortal Kombat  viable competitive entry – and what better time to bring it up than the week before EVO 2011?

Watch live video from S1LENT1’S BATTLEGROUND on Justin.tv

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  1. I see you’ve taken an interest in Sub-Zero from our fights a couple of days back. Yeah you are pretty good with him, but I usually << "Usually" don't fall for most of his shenanigans since he was my main when the game first came out.

    Anyways, I think we should play again sometime. We had some good matches. I consider myself as "good"? I guess lol but I'm not pro since I can't beat most players on ranked due to excessive picking of Smoke, Raiden, and Kung Lao. Ranked gets bland after a while. Player Match is where its at.

    • I don’t mind Smoke but Raiden and Kung Lao are (at least online) incredibly annoying to play. I want to pick up some other characters like perhaps Kitana or Jax or Sektor.

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