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Ono-san, Producer of Street Fighter IV

Some of us here at Top Tier Tactics love us some fighting games. Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Flying Dragon, the works.* This Friday, the Evolution Championship Series for 2011 starts, and we…will not be in Vegas to compete or cover the event. However, we will be watching, and maybe even commentating!

If you have interest in fighting games like we do, then you’ll want to join us this Thursday night at 9:00pm EST for a special T3 stream, where we will be playing some fighting games to gather up some Hype for EVO.

The actual tournament starts Friday morning with Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, and continues on to Mortal Kombat 9. During this stream, WiNG and I (and perhaps others who wish to join us) will give our personal thoughts and predictions about the tournament, who will win and what characters will come out on top. After the first day of EVO, I will write up what I think will be the best parts of EVO, along with my predictions for the rest of the tournament.

So to recap, tune in to our LiveStream page this Thursday at 9:00pm EST for some streaming goodness, and then stay tuned for my written thoughts this weekend! In the meantime, use the following video to get as hype as possible.

*Admit it, you’ve never heard of Flying Dragon.

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  1. We fight with heart
    With soul; with dare
    In our hearts we pace
    And glare

    To train, to endure, to hone
    Our skill is worthy
    Etched in our bones

    We are the heroes
    Who would steal the night
    Caught in the passion,
    In the rumble, in the fight

    Here at Evo, there are only the best
    2k11, the ultimate test
    This moment is ours, the time is right
    To hear the announcer…scream “FIGHT!”

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