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Okay, here’s the deal. I finally have a way of getting good looking footage up on YouTube, thanks in large part to WiNGSPANTT and his infinite glory a good computer. With the advent of the T3 YouTube channel, I also have a viable way of putting out T3 content without resorting to my own channel and linking you guys there. However, I needed something original to add to the scene. Weapon guides? Taken. Class guides? Taken. Skill/jump/strategy guides? Taken.

What I’ve decided to do instead is a playstyle guide, which steals a little from each of the above.

Here’s the basic idea: I’ll play a class for a number of hours in the playstyles I know and prepare a guide on how to play in that particular playstyle. For example, if I were to play Spy, I’d use each watch, as many of the knives and guns as possible, as well as various ways to use the most effective combinations: DR + Sarahan, stock loadout, etc. I’ll do this for Battlefield as well, going through each kit and using it in the ways I know it can be used, effective or not. Some will generate lulz; others will probably generate discussions; the rest, rage and dissapointment.

The problem is this: I can’t do it alone. There are a few reasons. First, I suck at certain classes, namely, Scout and Demoman to a certain extent. Second, getting all that footage would be too time consuming for one person. For these reasons, I’m reaching out to you guys. I’ll layout the class playstyles I can think of below, and you guys fill in the rest I didn’t think of. Then I want you, the T3 community, to play either Battlefield or TF2, record, and send in your best moments using a particular playstyle. I will go through them and pick the best of the best, edit it together and post it on the T3 YouTube channel. Any personal outtakes will go on my own channel, with commentary in some form.

The Playstyles:

Team Fortress 2


  • FaN Scout: FaN, Bonk! and Sandman. As annoying as is possible.
  • Stock Scout: The try hard setup. Unpredictable and deadly in all but chokepoints without room to jump.
  • Atomic Scout: Using the Atomzier and whatever guns, he is the master of the air.
  • Polycount Scout: More support and humiliation oriented, this class allows for a varied method of attack.


  • Stock Soldier: Rockets go toward the enemy. You shoot them with a shotgun if you run out of bullets. You run with the Equalizer.
  • Support Soldier: Use of backpacks and possible Black Box required, your damage dealt or received allows your teammates to move forward.
  • Melee soldier: The katana will get you killed, but it is fun.


  • Stock Pyro: The Axetinguisher is too common. The best hipsters use the Fire Axe.
  • The Pro-ro: Either the Degreaser or stock flamethrower, combined with Flare Gun and Axetinguisher allow you control of your enemy’s movement and while preventing any hope of escape.
  • The Power Pyro: With that big ol’ battery swinging around, fun is the only option.


  • Stock Demo: So powerful the competitive scene only allows on of you, mid range is your house, AND BITCHES AIN’T GETTIN’ IN THAT HOUSE!
  • The Scottish Resistance: Area denial from a distance is you forte, and with proper timing and skilled sticky placement, no fight is out of your league.
  • Melee Demo: Heads!
  • Melee-er Demo: You will Persuade like the Persians shielded by a Splendid Screen of pure scrumpy.
  • Demopan?


  • Stock Heavy: Effective at close to mid range, the only choices you have to make are which gloves to wear (if any) and how many tiny baby men will die today.
  • Sandvich: Nom nom nom!
  • Brass Beast: So slow there’s no reason not to have a pocket medic and rain lead on your foes.
  • Tomislav/Natasha: People hate you, but you don’t care.


  • Stock Engineer: The practical problem of area denial and troop transport is your main concern. Straight up fights are not your strong suit.
  • Combat Engie: Mini-sentries at the ready with minicrits to spare, if you face anyone up close, they’re dead.


  • Stock Medic: Healing is your most important function, with or without a Kritzkrieg. The needle gun and choice of saw are secondary to your patients’ health.
  • Combat Medic: Blutsauger + Ubersaw + Medic buddy + Ubercharge = Enemies running scared.


  • Stock/Bazaar Distance Sniper: Headshots are king for you, and with Razorback and choice of “Now this is a” knife, enemies will think twice before turning that corner.
  • Stock/Bazaar Quick Shot Sniper: Your foes will know fear and be covered with bullets or piss with your aggressive sniping ways.
  • Huntsman sniper: People hate you.
  • Croc-o-Style sniper: People hate you even more.


  • Stock Spy: Perhaps the most effective all around, you forsake DR protection and Ambassador accuracy for stealth and acting.
  • DR Spy: You are a tank in a fashionable suit, and there isn’t much that can really stop you.
  • DR Saharan Spy: As long as you get that first stab off, the above applies.
  • C&D Spy: Camper in a stained, tattered suit.

Battlefield Bad Company 2


  • Rushing Assault: Your smoke grenades are essential, and you aren’t afraid to die for the objective.
  • Support Assault: You are the spawn point kill whore, but without you, the team might not have won.
  • Idiot Assault: You snipe with assault rifles. Nobody likes you and your sexuality is often questioned.


  • Rush Engineer: With RPG/Carl-G in hand, Lightweight and Magnum, there isn’t any real situation you can’t get out of with enough skill.
  • Support Engineer: AT4’s and Tracer Darts, extra explosives, spawn point and point clearing, as long as the objective is somehow your goal, get ‘r’ done.
  • Carl-G Whore: Explosive MKII and Extra Explosives means that you either like to troll or you are a complete tool.
  • Idiot Engineer: You don’t repair tanks, give the enemy team choppers and can’t kill anything. Crawl into a hole, please.


  • Rush Medic: Lightweight, MG36 and an endless supply of powerful invisible band-aids, arming the MCOMs and capturing flags is your point in life, though you’re not doing your real job.
  • Support Medic: The Medic’s bread and butter, you are the spawn point, the intelligent reviver and occasional clutch player.
  • Rambo: Points are your only goal. Other people’s feelings and opinions be damned.
  • Idiot Medic: Health kits belong to you and only you, revives are instant and often ill timed, and you aren’t even in a good place to spawn on.


  • Aggressive Recon: Next to the smoke wielding Assault, you are the most effective method of taking out objectives. Throw those motion balls and quickscope your way to victory.
  • Support Recon: Not to be confused with the dreaded Bush Wookie, your spawn is behind enemy lines and your motion mines essential.
  • You are a Bush: You are useless to the team, stupid Wookie. Spotting is an all kit ability. Put away the S’mores and fight.


Now as much as I’d like to take and use every submission, I can’t. There are quality issues as well as time issues, so here’s the basic rundown.
  1. Video must be in at least 480p Please submit .avi , .mp4 or .wmv file types only.
  2. Keep videos to two minute (2:00) clips if possible. Clips longer than three and a half minutes (3:30) will probably not be usable.
  3. Must be an effective playstyle, i.e. must be a vital part of the team’s victory.
  4. Submit through a Dropbox link, a YouTube message to TopTierTactics or XianttheTerrible, or viaXiant [at] TopTierTactics {dot} com

If you have any other suggestions as to how to make this better, I’m all ears. I’ll be recording everything I can.

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  1. I would love to do a video based on the Ambush and Support Pyros, two playstyles you didn’t really mention there.

  2. I have some really good spy clips, but the problem is that for spy to do anything worthwhile, it takes some time. So the clips will probably be more than the time prescribed above even though it is only of one life.

    Also how do you want the editing? First person only? 3rd person only? A mix of the two? Or does it not matter?

    • As for the length limitations, that’s merely for convenience and file size, bu lt if you have something super awesome that’s 4:00 or so, send it. Regardless of how great something is though, 4:30 is as much as I’m willing to even consider.

  3. What about support Pyro? Sticking around engies with BB and Homewrecker to rid your nest of those pesky vultures?

  4. I was going through the replays and some of the good ones are unplayable due to some error about ctf(insert random weapon here). This is a problem lots of other people have had, and I can’t find a fix. If someone here knows how to fix it. It would be much appreciated.

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