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Hey Everybody,

You’ve probably noticed that my posting has gone way, WAY down since I started writing for the site (I used to post once a week. Holy crap, remember those days?). Well, there are two reasons for this, and I’ll be getting into them both in just a minute. The most important thing though is that I have decided to officially step down as a writer for Top Tier Tactics. This is not saying that I won’t hang around a bit and try to contribute when I can, but for the most part you won’t be seeing me all that much.

So, the reasons why I’m leaving? The first and foremost is that I’m currently in my final semester in college. As a result, I have a lot to worry about. Papers to write, assignments to do, books to read/study, etc. To finish out of school I have to take a couple rather difficult courses, so I need to put that much more effort into my studies, as opposed to when I began writing for this site mostly out of boredom from my much easier classes. Real life intervenes, and we can’t pwn the n00bs all the time, as much as we want to.

Here's a picture of a puppy, because you don't want to know what Google Image Search came up with when I searched "Sad Face"

The second reason should be obvious already to those who know my usual writing style for this site. I’m simply burnt out on the sarcasm/comedy type of articles I had to write. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy them. I do, a lot, which is why I wrote them. But, after awhile I had to force it. It was a lot more unnatural and unwieldy, and as a result I feel I produced less than quality work.

Will I eventually go back to them? Of course, but only when inspiration strikes like it used to.

I will not stop writing or posting content, however. The pace will most likely be very slow. You’ll be able to find my stuff at a Tumblr blog that I just hastily set up like 2 seconds ago. Some of the stuff might be in my T3 style, but expect all sorts of gaming related crap to go there. Some analytical articles, maybe some future game predictions, that sort of stuff.

Last, but of course not least, I just want to thank the rest of the T3 staff for making my tenure on the site interesting and fun. They’re a great group of guys, all of whom are very entertaining. Thanks to WiNG especially for allowing me to originally post my Win Conditioning articles on the site before I became a regular contributor.

It’s been a blast.

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  1. I know I told you already, but thanks so much for all your work and help here. You’ll be dearly missed bro. I mean, other than the fact that I’ll be talking to you on Gchat all the time anyway.

  2. Well guys, I’ve had too severe computer problems. I must also leave, but for I, will not return for a very long time.
    I’ve had a hell of a time. Click on my name (Guy923) for a redirect to my profile, and a poem I wrote.

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