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Just as the moth is drawn to flame, so too are enemies drawn directly into the Pyro’s flamethrower of doom.

If you didn’t catch the first/last Team Fortress 2 Pyro Lesson, this would be a good time to do so. If you have indeed seen it, now you get to see the hit sequel.

What can you expect, other than awesome music, hilariously timed captions, and screen-shattering frustration? You’re just going to have to see for yourself!

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  1. You got owned by hoovies. They’re just jealous of your 100 dollar hat.
    Seems to me there was a Heavy/Medic Rush, and your team got rolled.
    You guys should’ve all gone spy.

    • There were a couple of really good Heavy/Medic teams on defence and my team just wasn’t responding in kind. I agree that they were all jealous of my awesome hat, it’s the only explanation for all the angry comments on YouTube.

      • Your responses are hilarious.
        “Should I call a WAAAAAAAAAAAAAmbulance?”
        I’m stealing that if you don’t mind.
        You can do better Bin, you just need some Friendship and Magic.
        Ask twilight Sparkle.
        She is the master of magicks. *snort snort*

  2. ahn, If I was a spy in this game I ll be in upside platforms… Your team was using these poorly and the pyros wasnt spychecking it enough…

    And well, you ll never win using only the bottleneck train passage there btw. Even with no Heavies, some demos and soldier will do the job, I believe.

    • Good lord I could have used you on that team. These were pretty much verbatim the things I was saying to them. Their response? “OMG SPYCHUCK MOAR PLZ WE R GETTIGN OWNED”

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