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While I was quite the ace pilot in Battlefield 1943, I don’t have enough airtime experience in Battlefield 3 to win dogfights, let alone take off without incident.

But Z3nith66 is the exception.

In this short, hilarious video, he demonstrates how to take control of the skies, even if you don’t exactly have a plane.

Or a parachute.

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  1. He does have a parachute, dood.

    Would have been even more awesome if he had repeated the good ol looping bazooka thing where you land in your plane and continue flying afterwards.

  2. My god does that video bring back memories.
    Memories of the PS2, and crappy fighter plane games.
    Good times. Good times.
    And parachutes are for TINY BABIES WHO DON’T KNOW HOW TO FLY PLANES.

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