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I’ve never been to a convention a comic convention before, so excuse me if I don’t understand the proper etiquette. From what I understand, it’s necessary to show up in costume, pester celebrities for autographs, and use as little deodorant as possible. I figure since two of those items are already regular habits of mine, this shouldn’t be too hard.

Of course, when the Top Tier Tactics crew rolls into the Javitz Center on Saturday, October 15, we won’t be found among the peasants. No, fair reader, we’re press, and we’re going to be pressing our interviewees with tough questions.

…like “When are they going to make Evil Dead 3?”

All jokes aside, we’re hoping to see great costumes, meet adorably geeky people, and maybe get an interview or two in. While the New York Comic Con isn’t exactly a gaming venue, it will certainly be host to all sorts of periphery gaming paraphernalia. In addition, we hope to meet up with Hidden Path and ask a few question about their upcoming take on Counter-Strike with the somewhat-anticipated Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

We have a fairly large contingent showing up, including yours truly, FC2000, Space Hamlet, and our new behind-the-scenes editor, Kairos. That means that if you happen to be at NY Comic Con on Saturday, you’re bound to bump into us. We’ll be the weirdos who aren’t displaying inhuman amounts of cleavage.

Anyway, let us know if you’re planning to attend! Even if you’re not going, tell us if you think there’s anything special we should keep an eye out for. We’ll do our best to bring it to the frontpage here. And, if you’d like to meet some of the least famous gaming writers on the planet, it’s even slightly possible that could be arranged.

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  1. Hello all! I’m actually a lady (I know, gasp!), but I’m looking forward to working behind the scenes to make the articles spiffy and save WiNG from carpal tunnel.


    *sigh* sometimes it sucks being a student =P

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