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Look guys, I get it.

I done goofed, and consequences will never be the same.

I may have forgotten to check the mailbox for a few days weeks, but seriously, I was busy. I was moving the site to a new server. I was reconfiguring our e-mail. Hell, I was getting trampled to death at Comic Con.

But if you’ll forgive me, we can return to the matter at hand:
Sharing your terrible videos with anyone who’ll watch.


When in doubt, cheat

Believe it or not, our first submission wasn’t actually a video. Yes, it turns out that there is more than one blogger out there, and some of them are even quite talented. Thus it is with great reluctance that I share with you what @SeanLind shared with me: How to Cheat at Poker. This interesting article, and the accompanying graphical guide, is quite serious with high-quality tips on ways to swindle your pals out of their hard-earned money. Awesome.


Zero51 returns with a B.A. in cartography

Remember my archenemy dearest pal Zero51? It turns out that not only did my assassination contract on him fail, it spurred him to complete even more Spy videos. In this episode of Spyjinks, Zero shows amateurs and pros alike some useful shortcuts for navigating the Team Fortress 2 landscape.


Speaking of which…

While we’re on the topic of TF2 Spy gameplay, T3 regular Shadesnow shared an interesting replay. Here he shows off the power of the Saharan Spy set when coupled with enemies whose primary hobby in life is dying. Consider it a political statement of sorts.


League of Ladies

Finally, our dear friend Zed shows us how highly he thinks of the rest of you by imploring that I share the following guide with you all. What is it, pray tell? It’s a funny little diddy about why no women will ever love you. Enjoy.


Send in your strategies!

That’s all the time we have for today’s installation of Top Tier Tactics. Got something you think our readers should see? Send it our way to be featured on the next Tactical Tuesday/Thursday! If it wins games, we want to see it!


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  1. Step 1: Learn Parkour.
    Step 2: Play spy.
    Step 3: Drive your knife into several spines.
    Step 4:????
    Step 5: Profit!
    Anyways, all cool videos. I still can’t get around the word Spyjinks. It’s so clever.
    I’m lernding hau tuh JUMPZ LIEK A PRO.

    • That guy just said she’s cute. SHE’S MINE BITCH! SHE’S MINE *Charge*.
      I lol’d.
      But it perfectly catches the desperation of certain members.

      Cause on the internet, everybody is an 8 year old girl or a guy with really MANLY facial hair.
      Until you force them to send a pic or join TS, in which case they will say that something is broken (2 years in a row, what a coincidence. Finally buy a better mic!)

  2. These were all great to watch. I don’t play LoL but I found that video hilarious nonetheless.

    Also, thanks WiNG for featuring my video (again)!!

    P.S. Your assassin contract failed because the letter-bomb that was originally planned to arrive at my door was replaced by a parcel containing a dagger alongside a letter saying “Please use enclosed dagger to stab yourself in the heart.”

    Lousy cutbacks…. The assassin industry sure has changed since the good old days.

    • Btw, Its really possible to do that jump in the addendum?

      That platform is just so higher than the model… At least in my memory, Im not a great fan of Turbine…

      • Yeah it’s actually possible with every class (including the heavy allegedly!). It’s possible because of a map quirk; the corner acts as a little invisible step to help you reach the top.

        I was equally surprised.

      • I tested it earlier… Its possible with the HWG (nostalgia feelings) using the GRU at least, and its kinda hard ’cause his model is pushed aside by the pillar if u dont jump in the exactly point.

        Btw, again, I was looking for some detours in steel, your council about the rocks is perfect. But I was trying to get over the higher platform in A point where blu get some tactical leverage… You know about someway to get there?

      • the other one.

        When I saw that design with a little platform and all, I wondered if there is a way to go up there…

        I got there once with some enema soldier help, and its the most cheese place to be… no one expect u there

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