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Everyone knows trading in Team Fortress 2 kinda sucks. Sure, there’s the whole awkward interface and a bunch of hat mongers constantly closing the dialog window on you like jerks, but the real problem isn’t the software. It’s finding someone who wants your garbage.

You have dozens of weapons lying around that have no real value. Hell, you might have some decent hats, but finding someone who wants your specific pieces of headwear just isn’t easy.

Luckily, there’s TF2 Warehouse.

What is TF2 Warehouse? It’s a company that paid me hundreds of dollars to advertise here an automated web site that lets you buy and sell any item in TF2 for virtual currency. Instead of looking for someone who wants your Vintage Jarate, you can sell it to a bot for a few hundred “points,” then use those points to purchase anything your heart desires. Your ability to offload your refuse isn’t hampered at all (though crates are temporarily disabled), and your selection of items to buy is limited only by the stuff that’s been sold so far, which is quite a large selection.

Here’s the actual process involved:

  1. Run Steam. That is, if you aren’t running it 24/7 already.
  2. Go to TF2 Warehouse and “sign in via Steam.” This is probably secure.
  3. You’ll receive 500 points for absolutely no reason. Yay!
  4. Hit the “trade” button under the chat window to the right. You’re now in line!
  5. When your turn comes up, one of the TF2WH bots will friend and trade request you. Accept!
  6. Drag anything you want to sell into the trade, and “buy” anything you’d like from the inventory.
  7. Your TF2WH account will be updated with your balance. Enjoy your virtual urine jar!

How has my own personal experience been so far? Well, buggy. I’ve gotten a few errors and yes, the goddamn bot has closed the trade window on me (curses, karma!). But I’ve yet to “lose” anything, and hundreds of players are discovering the site every day, so the variety of items is skyrocketing. Best get in on the ground floor, n’est-ce pas?

You don’t have to take my word for it – go check out TF2 Warehouse today!


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  1. I’ve been using this site for about a week or so now, and I’m fairly impressed. It’s let me get some stranges that I actually wanted without having to trade one of my kidneys for them which is a good thing because I love righty and lefty and I don’t think I could pick if I had to give one up.

  2. I am amazed by this site. In MINUTES, I managed to sell a hat I hate (milkman), buy another which is much better (Private Eye) and about 5 weapons, none of which are really old, and still have 2080 credits left. Also, it gives you the adrenaline boost of auctioneering, with the exception being YOU CAN’T LOSE. Worst case scenario, you trade your hats and/or buy shitty ones, but the price difference from selling to buying is so small, it’s not so bad. Not to mention you get at least 1000 credits from idling around, so…Everyone get on there NOW!

  3. This site is absolutely amazing. I hope that it just grows bigger and bigger until all trade servers as they stand right now are dead. Trade servers were always pretty damn annoying.

  4. So, if I understand correctly, TF2 Warehouse is a site, where you can trade items without going through annoying phase of actually trading with people. No scamming, no nothing. You just get rid of things you don’t want and get those you need. So far sounds great!

    • Don’t forget you actually get fair prices. On a trade server, you usually have to give at least the worth multiplied by 1+1/x where x is the actual value of the item in scraps. So if you buy something that’s worth 1000 credits (which is about the value of a paint), you have to pay 1000 credits, and not (1000) * (1+1/2) = 1500, which would equal a reclaimed metal.
      All prices not binding and not certainly clean of errors, as there currently are no scraps on the warehouse.

      • The (mostly) fair prices are the best thing about TF2WH! Now I can say for certain, that TF2WH is changing the face of TF2 trade right now. The face is still smiling, but not in a troll manner anymore. Sure, the price fluctuations may be steep at times, and the Western Wear that I had bought for 9000c may have costed 7500c the very next day, BUT! No more do players need to search numerous forums in a desperate attempt to evaluate the desired item. And no more do they need to surf trade servers for hours to find a person, who is willing to part with the aforementioned item. And no more do they need to chat with random greedy idiots and even-more-greedy scammers. During the last few days I have made quite a bit of trade on TF2WH, and I am happy that such a service finally appeared. There are some superficial issues with it, sure, but the concept is great and has been anticipated for a long time. I suggest you all join and reap the benefits that TF2WH provides as soon as possible.

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