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As crossovers and fighting game roster leaks become increasingly common, nobody should be surprised that double-bladed badass Ezio Auditore will be slicing people up in Soul Calibur 5.

Wielding the power of an unflappable hoodie and one too many weapons, he’ll probably be a fan favorite from the get go. Don’t be shocked to find yourself in Ezio mirror matches all day long on launch!

Will we see other guest characters? (Yes) And if so, who?

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  1. Let’s take it to absurdity and have another two Ubisoft stalwarts in there for giggles, Sam Fisher and Rayman.

  2. I can’t believe they have misplaced his scar. In the video, it is visible that it is almost below the nose, while it ACTUALLY is at least twice as far away.
    Also, when he jump assassinates, he doesn’t pull his blade that early. At least as far as I can tell, it’s about when he pulls his hand forward, not when he is at the peak backward position.
    Call it observant or OCD, but I can’t help but look for such mistakes.

    • Also, I want such fluid sword-crossbow-hidden blade combos in AC. Maybe without the excessive shinies, but still.

      • It might be, but in a different, more rushed setting, so it doesn’t sound just as badass. It could also be a good imitator.
        Also, the Da Vinci quote should be “Our life MAKES the death of others”, amirite?

      • The scar is fairly obvious, tbh. Just compare the article’s pic and the video’s thumbnail, bam, there you have it.

  3. i think they had to make a new model based off concept arts because ubisoft couldnt give Ezio’s ACB model just like that.
    btw, his outfit was based off the one from E3 trailer

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