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Quick – what’s the scariest thing you can think of?

Was it Condaleeza Rice in the shower? Was it the dissolution of your comic shop’s Friday Night Magic? Was it centipedes? Millions and millions of writhing, festering centipedes?

Well, whatever it is that’s crawling up your leg right now, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that it’s Halloween. For some of you that means a night of candy and getting run over by cars. For others, it means a night of grinding out the last precious hours of your game of choice’s annual, virtual event.

And, in the end, isn’t that the scariest thing of all? That from Team Fortress 2 to Guild Wars, millions of players are spending all night rolling for virtual costumes and candy?

Of course not. The scariest thing in the world is scary-as-hell Halloween costumes! I’ve got mine set, and to be honest, the right costume can easily make Halloween my favorite holiday, every year. Sure, I’ve run the gamut of typical attire: wizards, ghosts, slutty nurses, slutty firemen, slutty Gabe Newell, Spiderman…. you know, the usual stuff. But in an age of ready-buy plastic armor that’s marked up 500%, I still prefer the fun of putting together a costume from scratch. Or at least, mostly scratch. I don’t sheer the sheep myself for wool. That’s Elle’s job.

Anyway, enough about me – what are you dressing up as this year? Post a link below or describe it in the spookiest detail possible.

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  1. This year I’ll be “Dude-Who-Rages-At-Random-Crits”. I made it look so realistic it’ll actually look like I want to strangle the nearest living thing!

  2. I’m going as front desk person at an inn that’s about ready to throttle the friggin’ motion activated ghoul outside the restaurant because he’s heard all the responses like 500 times already this month.


  3. was supposed to be luffy from one piece but didn’t get around to finishing the vest so…i’m going casual
    you should show us your costume wing !

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