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Sonic Generations Sega E3 2011

What makes a Sonic the Hedgehog game? Is it blistering speed, precise platforming, or memorable, strangle-worthy characters?

For the past decade, it’s been terrible, glitchy gameplay.

Sonic Generations promised to end the Sonic Cycle and give both old and new fans more of what they loved (Sonic) and less of what they didn’t (everything else). While I’ll leave my full thoughts till later this week, today’s video sets the stage for Generations’ ambition.

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  1. A moment of silence for all the hours wasted playing “modern” sonic games. Before Generation anyway.

  2. sonic rider’s was not too bad a game, had a lot of fun playing it with friends. Sonic for the portable sega is still by far my fave

      • Rush was excellent, actually. Probably one of my most definite favorites, the graphics were well done for the DS, and the music worked even better. Although there was ONE side character to play as, Blaze, it wasn’t much different from Sonic.

        Also, they had deliciously hard special zones for grabbing Chaos Emeralds, like the older games. It was worth it.

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