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What are you doing on Nov 15 at 8:30pm EST?

Trick question: it doesn’t friggin’ matter! You’re going to be tuning in to the Top Tier Tactics Assassin’s Creed Revelations launch day stream. Drop by this article or our official LiveStream page to watch WiNGSPANTT, Rabid Ferret, and other T3 writers dive into the multiplayer component of Revelations – with all the wit and misanthropy you’ve come to expect! We’ll also be getting our game on with our beloved T3 readers on Xbox Live.

Are you ready to take on tons of no-talent Templar?


LiveStream Feed will activate 11/15 at 8:30pm EST

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  1. On Nov 15 at 8:30pm EST, I’ll either be playing SKYRIM or sleeping, ’cause it’s gonna be 2:30am CET.

    Protip 1: The thing starting with an ‘s’ is more likely.
    Protip 2: To be precise, it’s an ‘S‘.

  2. Agree’d.

    Hell, am I the only one not repeating the same lame Skyrim joke all over again? I did not play a single Elder Scrolls title less than 5 years after its release and I don’t intend on changing that (mostly because my machine is 7 years old)
    Also, fuck Skyrim. I got Morrowind and can run that at the max of the max. Who needs other games, anyway?

    • Even though Skyrim looks gorgeous, it doesn’t need a monster to run it. My 3 year old pc is running it at ultra settigns without problems. Oh, and Skyrim really is that good. I’d go so far to say that it’s better than Morrowind.

  3. Wait, does this mean you’re letting watchers play with ya?

    In that case, I do not regret picking this up last night.

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