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A note to long-time readers: as of this post, I’m ending the Top Tier Tips column. While it’s certainly been fun, I think it’s time to transition to a slightly more genuine conversation between us (the T3 writers) and you (Roger Feldstein of Austin).

What’s replacing it? Why, the T3 Mailbox. If it sounds simple, that’s because it is – we’ll post any catch-all queries that merit sharing with the readership here as long as they’re comin’ in.

With formalities out of the way, let’s get started, shall we?


Guns, guns, think about guns (you know what it is)

Hi T3,

I’m pretty decent at TF2, but I am downright baffled by the plethora of weapons available. Unfortunately, a lot of them seem fairly underwhelming or side-grades at best. So with that in mind, what are your favorite loadouts for general effectiveness, your favorite sidegrades, and of course, your favorite loadouts for goofing off for fun.


Dear B,

I’ve consulted with the other writers to compile our favorite loadouts for your perusal. We hope this ensemble adequately answers your question.


Favorite loadout: With my main class, Spy, I’d go with the standard setup. Revolver, invis watch and butterfly knife. On larger servers, I’ll change for Dead Ringer, but the Revolver and standard Butterfly Knife are the best. Favorite sidegrade: I go for the Saharan set as I mentioned in my article. It’s a more satisfying way to stab, even if it’s sometimes rage inducing. Favorite fun loadout: If I want to just mess around, I’ll switch to Cloak and Dagger, Ambassador and Butterfly knife. Then I’ll go into 2Fort, sneak into the enemy base, and troll the turtling engineers.


Favourite loadout: Stock Soldier but change the shovel out for Equaliser. That thing has saved my ass many a time. Favourite sidegrade: Probably the Gunslinger purely because of the complete change in Engie utility (I hoe I interpreted just what exactly a sidegrade is). Fun loadout: Persian Demo or Huntsman Sniper. THE RAGE! SO MUCH RAAAAAAAAAAAGE! That or constantly airblasting Pyro. EVEN MORE RRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE!

Space Hamlet

The Direct Hit is the answer to all three questions.  I don’t care what you say about “effectiveness” or “practicality,” I don’t care, I don’t care.

Rabid Ferret

Favorite loadout: M416, M16A4, or F2000 with holo scope, bipod, and suppressor. Favorite sidegrade: Underbarrel smoke grenade. Great for insta cover, passing armor, and reviving team mates. Favorite fun loadout: Sprint specialization + C4.

I’m so badass I transcend which game this is from.


Favorite loadout: I don’t think anything comes close to the fun of a Degreaser, Detonator, and Axtinguisher. You’ve got close range chaos, mid range damage, and one hit lulz-fueled kills. Perhaps Gunslinger Engineer is a close second. Favorite sidegrade: I’m definitely a fan of switching off to the Huntsman from time to time. Sure, it’s not as good as the Sniper Rifle, and it doesn’t require as much skill, but it’s also very effective for shutting down chokepoints/crybabies. Favorite fun loadout: Much like Binerexis, I can’t get enough of the Demoknight. I run a more traditional Eyelander, Targe, Launcher loadout, though I occasionally switch shields or try my luck at the Loch n Load.

Thanks again for writing in – now go try out your new Direct Hit, Dead Ringer, M416 loadout, B.



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10 replies to this post
  1. Bin! You! You are one of them… the Airblasters… god… how I hate those. Not the ones that Juggle you while lighting you on fire/shotgunning/flaregunning but the ones that ALL they do is the Airblast. Makes me… UGH. It’s like they aren’t even trying to kill me… just annoy the f-out of me.

    Time for my loadouts:
    Fav Loadout: Jag Engineer. Oh how this setup is my favorite. Default Combat Engineer in the flesh with that.

    Sidegrade: Black Box. +15 HP… SO GOOD at times.

    Fun: Persian + Booties + Targe = AMAZING FUN.

    • Woah wait, people actually just go around airblasting and nothing else AND THEY LIVE? Christ, I just meant it as constantly push them back, maybe set them on fire or make them a target.

      BRB firing up the Degreaser and taping M2 down.

  2. Favorite Loadout: Crocostyle set. You do NOTHING but troll enemy Snipers. Pair up with a medic, and you got hours of lulz.

    My two favorite fun loadouts.
    Supr srs bsns
    Rocket Jumper
    Equalizer/Market Gardener
    Lumbricous lid, summer shades, Flair!
    It’s pretty fun to jump around, and kill Snipers with the kamikaze taunt. Or deliver sweet justice using shotty or market gardener.

    Sticky Jumper
    Alibaba’s booties
    (Conjurer’s Cowl, deus specs, flair!)
    Suicidal Loadout. You’re a creeper flying around. “Hey what’s that up in the sk-KAAABOOOOOOOOOOOM.

    Favorite Sidegrade: Summer Shades. Not as good as deus specs, but still good.

    • I…
      I have never thought of that.
      Don’t forget the SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Alltalk bind just when you’re about to hit ’em.
      brb trading all of my hats at the warehouse for jumpers.

    • Oh yeah, the loadout.

      Postal Pummeler

      I mean, you’re whacking people with a MAILBOX!
      Add Cone for additional lulz, but I can’t afford that one yet, sadly.

      Most fun loadouts:

      Persian Demo.
      It’s so old, yet it’s still overpowered and makes the Demo useless in what HE WAS DESIGNED TO DO.


      Sure, it’s a “Blow and get the F out”-loadout, but that is how it makes people so deliciously mad at you.
      Add Fish for even more trolling, but watch out, people might perma you.

  3. I play either a tryhard scout or an engi who pulls out mini sentries from his pants, shirt, coat, and socks. Sometimes all at once.


  4. what if your a beginner at this game..what would you guys recommend to a newbe like myself? most of my friends play TF2 and are trying to get me in on this madness..but because they are so into the game..they can’t provide me some decent advice on which character to start up on? :| not to mention..other players just kill me instantly..so..yeah *goes in corner and plays Portal on her laptop*

    • The default loadouts for each class aren’t terrible. I would recommend Medics for beginners since you can help the team even if you’re clueless and the health regeneration helps keep you alive.

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