Home Strategy Tactical Thursday: Pumpkins Gonna Make You Wanna Jump

There’s rocket jumping, flare jumping, and turnstyle jumping. Odds are, if it involves taking your feet off the ground, Xriloku has perfected it.

So it should come of no surprise that the deadly, haunted, exploding pumpkins in Team Fortress 2’s Halloween maps piqued his interest. On the one hand, they could kill him in a single hit. On the other hand… jumping is inherently fun.

One part tutorial, one part Michael Jackson tribute, and all parts hilarious, Xriloku’s video is as fun as his name is unpronounceable.


Xriloku’s TF2 Pumpkin Jumping Guide

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  1. There you have it, Wing. An actual use for the DDS. On the other hand, it leaves you with 22 health the best, so…
    *le shrug*.

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