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Normally when we get press releases at Top Tier Tactics, they’re not particularly relevant to what you, the reader, might care about. The game’s either a tad off the base of the typical strategy/shooter you guys love, or the quality is just… lacking.

But this one is a little different. Why?

Because its trailer is hilarious.

Check out the Crusader Kings II live action trailer below, courtesy of Paradox Interactive.

Crusader Kings 2 Live Action Trailer

Press Release/Background Information

Inaugural Crusader Kings II Live Action Trailer Released
The Seven Deadly Sins of kingship kick off with Wroth

NEW YORK – November 18th, 2011 – Reviving a dark art that hasn’t been seen since the 1990s, Paradox Interactive is pleased to release the first in a series of seven cheerily ramshackle live action trailers for medieval strategy / RPG Crusader Kings II.

Europe is in turmoil. The lands are fragmented into petty fiefs, and the Holy Father has declared war on the Holy Land. Now is the time for greatness, for cunning and for political intrigue. Assuming you’re not the sort of king who thinks “Petty fief” was the name of his high school sweetheart.

“Crusader Kings is my favourite of our grand strategy games,” said Fred Wester, CEO of Paradox. “It takes that addictive core of building something epic, but the building blocks of the world are real people with real lives and real emotions, so your kingdom is always this entertainingly wobbly, teetering construct. There’s not enough teetering in strategy these days. Anyway, that same focus on personalities makes it perfect for a live action trailer.”

“Why did the live-action trailer ever die out, anyway? Actors are classy. Especially British actors. They’re the classiest and snottiest of all. We’re hoping that, through exposure to British actors, our game will absorb some of that snot.” Fredrik Wester continued.

“It’s a metaphor,” explained Quintin Smith, ex-Rock Paper Shotgun writer and author of the trailers. “In an ironic play on our perceptions, the King is a manifestation of all of us, while his servants represent the ruling elite. That their positions are reversed is a reflection of these modern times. The trailers are actually themed around the seven deadly sins, for reasons too scholarly to go into here, but we start with wroth. That’s the old English word for wrath. That’s the kind of thing we know, here at Paradox. We’re very high-functioning.”

“Also, we’ve got some knob jokes in one of the later ones,” added Quintin.

Crusader Kings II, is slated for a launch on February 7th 2012 for 39,99 USD.

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