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Greetings Top Tier Fans! Given the success in Rabid Ferret reviving the stream and the fact that I just bought a new computer, I’m going to be streaming my exploits throughout the day.

What will I be streaming?

Well Team Fortress 2 is always a popular request but this new ‘Skyrim‘ game (am I saying that right? Skyr-eem?) looks to be quite enjoyable so I bought it with the intention to stream it.

All of it. Even character creation.

The times of day that I’ll be streaming are going to be more UK-friendly than anything else seeing as how I’m in England and all but it will all be recorded on the Livestream channel for you to catch up with (and I may do highlight reels, no promises though). My location means that, more than likely, the times I’ll be streaming will be from 13:00 – 22:00 GMT which is something like 08:00 – 17:00 Eastern Time pretty much every day. Figure out the exact times for your area; Google does stuff like that.

Oh, did I mention that there’ll be giveaways? There’ll be giveaways. Also, I may take a few requests but I may or may not be able to get the game due to region or price so no requests for train simulator please.



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    • You are a horrible fan and not worth his epic beardedness. Go cry in a corner, you heathen!
      I kid because I love.

      But Bin, there might be other such people wanting to stream, certain, squirrelly types, perhaps. And I’m sure that said rodentry have no scruples about butting in on English soil.

      It’ll be fun!

      • I like his beardedness as much as the next guy, but not enough to wake up that damn early.
        Unless there’s free stuff involved. Then… maybe.

    • It’s not like I’m starting that early, doing something for five minutes and then stopping immediately. I basically said that I’m willing to stream my ENTIRE day of gaming. Almost every day.

      Also, as a reminder, I’m streaming Skyrim in five hours.

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