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Assuming you’ve already read my other Assassin’s Creed Revelations multiplayer strategy articles, including the most recent Revelations Abilities Crafting Guide, you’re probably wondering two things.

1. How much free time do I have on my hands and
2. What do I think of each ability in the game?

While I refuse to answer the first query on grounds of it’s none of your business, I’m glad to respond to point #2 with the following videos. Enjoy!


Revelations Multiplayer Abilities Tips [1/3]


Revelations Multiplayer Perks Tips [2/3]


Revelations Multiplayer Streaks Tips [3/3]

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  1. In keeping with tradition, I’m going to play and finish Assassins Creed 2 before jumping on Revelations. By the time Assassins Creed 3 comes out, I would have to complete AS:Brotherhood it looks like. :P

  2. Ok help those of us who don’t have 45 minutes of free time out with some written cliffnotes!
    For me, I mostly play wanted or manhunt, so I have 3 sets: wanted, manhunt offense, and manhunt defense.

    For wanted, I run with poison and charge, poison because it’s easy to get the bonus points pretty often, and charge because its one of the few skills that’s good on both targets and pursuers. Perks/streaks that synergize with poison like score x2 and reduce cooldowns are preferable.

    For manhunt offense, poison is out of the question because the defenders tend to be stacked with abilities that make it hard to distinguish them from NPC templars. I currently run templar vision and charge. Silent kill streaks are nice here as well.

    For manhunt D, smoke bomb and tripwire. Tripwire is probably the odd one, I don’t see many people use it. Here’s how I use it: find a spot on the map with 2 chokepoints, stand in a group looking at one chokepoint with the other tripwired. If the tripwire goes off, go for the stun, if they come from the other chokepoint, lead them to the tripwire.

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