Home Strategy So, you want to fly a goddamn helicopter in Battlefield 3?

Chopper. Airshark. Whirligig.

The modern attack helicopter goes by many formal names in today’s armed forces, but without a proper pilots, its name might as well be toast.* Getting in the air in Battlefield 3 is no easy feat, and staying there is even harder.

Luckily, I’ve been spending some time in the cockpit practicing my super-leet aerial maneuvers. And if you’re willing, I’ll pass those secrets onto you for the low, low price of free.**

Jump in, suit up, and whatever you do… don’t look down.

* Not to be confused with the Air Force’s H4337-TOAST2 transport chopper.
** Not including fees earned by the sale of personal data collected by this site’s infectious malware.

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  1. I suck at air sims. Played one feature real to life WW2 aircraft. Started with a bomber. Didn’t read the manual and started clicking buttons on the keyboard because controllers are for consoles to start the damn thang. Still on the ground and not started I dropped my payload beneath the plane. “I’m burning . . . burning.” After I finished laughing I went to add and remove programs.

    Still have said game and maybe one day will(watch for the pun) fire it up again.

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