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“Hey asshole,” someone yelled in my general direction, an increasing hindrance might I add “how come you never do your streams when I’m online? I mean, that right there is several degrees of bullshit.”

“Well,” I replied, “it’s mostly due to timezone differences. I mean, 18:00 PST is around 02:00 GMT and I can’t justify staying up that late to just start a stream. Hell, would you do that?”


“Stop lying.”

“OK but I would AT LEAST do something so that my fans can catch up and watch it if they want to unlike like a certain bearded asshole liar face.

“I have done, all of my streams are available to watch in their entirety at the Livestream channel.”

“I mean for your lazy fans who don’t want to watch the hours of footage.”

“Oh, so something like a highlight video?”

“Yeah! Hey asshole, where’s the fucking highlight video?”

“Calm down, it’s below this post.”

“AHA! But where is the Assassin’s Creed footage? I saw you just got that today you sneaky bastard, where’s the footage? What are you scared of showing?!”

“It literally just stopped downloading; I’ll stream it or record footage of it if people ask me to and specify which they want me to do.”

“Oh…. well that’s OK then.”

“I’m glad we could agree on something.”

“You’re still an asshole, though. Dinner’s at six.”

“Thanks Mum.”


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    When’s the goddamn hat raffle?
    Just kidding bin, I love you. Well, not you, per say. But your beard.
    I’m forced to love anything that’s attached to your beard…
    so yeah.

  2. Well…

    CLASS Any. Even the pyros ones was good laugh at least.
    RECORDED. I dont give a shit about stream, and I live at gmt -3, so it might cast at some odd HOUR for me anyway.

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