Golden Charity Spray

Install this spray to spread the word!

Want to spread the word about Child’s Play and the Golden Charity Fundraiser? Here’s a simple spray that will work in TF2 (and other Source games). If you’d like to help publicize this event, it’s as easy as 1-2-SPAM!

How to use the sprays*:

  1. Click or Right click->Save link as… on the image to the right.
  2. Save the VTF file in this directory: Programs/Steam/Steamapps/username/Team Fortress 2/tf/materials/VGUI/logos
  3. Run Team Fortress 2 and open Multiplayer Options; from here you can set your spray

Happy spamming spraying!

An Alternative Spray

Just say no to Golden Wrenches!

LucasEB2 from the Steam forums has also provided this alternative spray for those who favor decisive visual impact over lengthy, copy-heavy drivel. I think it has a nice feel to it!

*Note: I’m not a particularly professional technical master, so if the tips above didn’t work for you I probably can’t solve it! But if you post your question in the comments, someone else might.