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TF2 Under Construction
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Something has happened to Team Fortress 2. Once, the game was remarkable for its never-ending content patches, quadrupling the game's scope with new game modes...
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"Nothing Everything is true. Everything is permitted." Imagine a world where every myth, legend and conspiracy were true ― that's Secret World in a nutshell. Developed by
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Last month, Murray Chu of The Escapist contacted me with some questions about Team Fortress 2, the Golden Charity, and the New...
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Now, don't get your hopes up expecting that I'm starting some new "Movie Monday" trend, releasing videos every monday. Hell, I'm not even releasing...

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Disciple of the Ring
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Since I began playing Magic: the Gathering nearly 20 years ago, I've been drawn to blue/red decks. Maybe it's just that I've always favored instants...