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I know I’m late to the party on this one, but if you didn’t already know, all Assassin’s Creed Revelations multiplayer matches are awarding double experience this weekend.

If you’ve been hoping to grind up enough points to unlock that next cool ability, or reach your first prestige, or just hit level 50 so you can wear my Templar emblem, there’s no better time than right now.

Note that only experience is doubled. Your actual scores from each round won’t be recorded at double value, so don’t expect to cheat the leaderboards with a 20,000 point game.

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  1. What’s so wrong about a 20k game? I regularly do such in CC, if the enemy team is/my team is not completely made of morons.

    I appreciate the double XP. I play about as much Revelations as I can squeeze in during the periods where my internet is well enough, yet I’m only level 19. And boy does everything get easier once you get Overall Cooldowns and Blender and Morph. Don’t even try Deathmatch or Manhunt or Wanted or anything where you could possibly need to hide before that.

    • I guess I never play any of the team modes but it’s pretty rare to have players breaking 15k, let alone 20k in Wanted, Deathmatch, etc. Plus in those games your rate of earning points is capped by your rate of earning contracts/pursuers, unlike CC where you could technically earn points as fast as you want, assuming the enemies don’t stop you.

      • Yeah.
        In FFA modes, it’s near impossible to get there, I know.
        The point is though that Ubisoft actually did something good to compensate for how badly they designed the game modes. For instance, Deathmatch is near impossible if some guy has Blender/Morph and none of you has the skill to counter it.

        So, you only stand a chance if you are on the highest unlocking level there is along the players in the game.

        Actually, is there a reward for reaching higher Prestige, except for matchmaking purposes, epeen and getting a sweeet title (I give you one more week ’til Turkish Legend, Mentor)?

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