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It’s been a while since I put together some Magic the Gathering videos and articles. What better time than now, right between the last update and in anticipation of the two leaked Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 DLC decks?

I’ve taken a liking to Dark Heavens, the black/white deck that’s a good mix of beats and quirky combos. While I’m working on a written deck guide, I hope these videos can give you an inkling of where I plan to go with Dark Heavens in the future.

If you’re a fan of angels, demons, and racial harmony, watch these rounds pronto.


Dark Heavens Deck Lesson #1

Dark Heavens Deck Lesson #2

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  1. I think that the first video really goes a long way in proving that no matter how dire the situation seems that you need to stick it out and fight until your last life is gone. I know a lot of people that would have scooped when it was 16 vs. 3 life , but you stuck it out and achieved a very satisfying victory WiNG. Kudos for that.

    • Thanks! Though to be fair I would scoop if I knew for a fact I had no more cards that could win the game. There is always a chance your opponent could botch a turn, but counting on that is painful sometimes.

      I played a 45 minute mirror match yesterday, it went from 30-3 life (him) to 56-2 (me) in that time frame. Ultimately he scooped when he played Living Death and I sacrificed every creature I had to Fallen Angel in response, haha.

  2. Nice videos! I think it’s not easy to do “live comments” on a game like Magic, but you do it with style and lots of humor. Very enjoyable!

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