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Let’s face it: At this point, Christmas is basically a farce that holds together what’s left of the Western world’s economy. Sure, it has a religious meaning, but ultimately even that pales in comparison to Easter in terms of actual spiritual significance. Christmas is about lewt. As messed up as that may be, your entire social standing is determined solely by your net spend and receipt this time of year. And while it’s generally considered untactful to ask people about their finances or anything that might indicate their socioeconomic situation, I was just wondering what the hell y’all got this year.

No, I don’t care about your new car or your private jet or any of that typical, boring Christmas stuff. What did you get in the world of gaming?

If anyone’s curious (they aren’t), I had a few nice surprises, including Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 for PC, the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on Xbox 360, Frozen Synapse and some other fun titles on Steam, and some Vizio 3D glasses. Now I can slaughter people in Revelations in an additional dimension.

Don’t celebrate Christmas? No problem. Just comment something like “I’m a heathen” or “America will crumble one day soon! You will see the fall of the great Western Devil!” Either of those responses is more than acceptable.

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  1. Nothing gaming related. :(

    Luckily I’m not a kid and I don’t have to wait for presents to get myself games. (If the wife approves, of course.)

  2. I got a really slick pair of Bose headphones. And a friend also bought me the 4th Humble Bundle with enough extra cash for the bonus games to be included.

  3. America will crumble one day soon! You will see the fall of the great Western Devil!

    With that out of the way I can safely say that I didn’t get any games for Christmas. However, In the Netherlands we do celebrate Sinterklaas (something about a white guy from Turkey or Spain and slaves) and although I did not get any game related stuff for that too, I did treat myself to a copy of Assassins Creed Revelations!

  4. America will crumble one day soon! You will see the fall of the great Western Devil!

    We don’t really celebrate anymore, just a turkey dinner.

  5. Skyward Sword.
    Because in TP, the characters actually looked somewhat human, so they fixed that.

    and some moneys, which I used to partially pay off my 3DS and get Gmod, Batman: AA and Blood Bowl GOTY.
    And all that with 75-80% off. Steam, you are a monster.

  6. I got a new gaming rig. And with that I think I’ll be giving myself a new Livestream show…in partnership with T3 maybe?

  7. Will now get a used GTX 260 from a friend for free as a late christmas present. Since I’m upgrading from a 6800…Woohoo!

    That means no more scratching the border of playability with minimum settings, but prolly mid-high settings with MINT fps. Or at least I do hope so. Rest of computer is 8 years old. Might upgrade the rest with my birthday in february.

    • Score!! It’s kind of like upgrading to a sports car having previously driven a milk float. It sure does feel satisfying not having to cling to the edge of the minimum requirements for every new game that comes out. I think we’ve all been there, I sure have :).

  8. I got AC too, but pre purchased it in Steam (hey, bonus hat!) in november… Only have time for him now after Skyrim holodeck thing…

  9. Stuff I got:
    On PC: Civilization V, Skyrim, Sonic Generations
    360: A new 250gb console which came with Fable III (which I intend to sell) and a download copy of Reach, + Revelations and Battlefield 3.

    Stuff I /bought/, on Steam:
    *breathes in* Magicka Complete, Chantelise, the Hattori clan DLC for Shogun 2, Gundemonium Collection, Jamestown, and Arkham Asylum. *gasp*

  10. All in one fell swoop, I was rewarded with the gift of Batlefield 3, Skyrim, and for my older brother Modern Warfare 3. While I’m not much of a COD player anymore since after COD4, I can safely say that it was a good gaming haul. I feel like I forgot one game though. Meh, oh well. Needless to say the 2011 Gaming World got quite a money influx

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