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All four Qualifying Brackets of the T3 Xbox Assassin’s Creed Revelations tournament are complete, though it will still take me a few days to sort through all the footage, calculate all the scores, and get over this minor throat infection.

But there’s some good news unrelated to my minor illness: you can watch the action from all three rounds of Bracket A right here!

As with our Brotherhood tournament, competition was tough, especially with a Prestige 9 player among the ranks of play. How did it all play out? Take a gander and see for yourself!


Round 1: Deathmatch (Rome)

Round 1 Scores

  • RobyRK93:  7450
  • tacomonkey6969: 6100
  • kiro480: 3650
  • FixableHAYDOS: 3650
  • TheSelphos: 3250


Round 2: Corruption (Souk)

Round 2 Scores

  • RobyRK93: 3210
  • TheSelphos: 2910
  • tacomonkey6969: 1940
  • FixableHAYDOS: 1380
  • kiro480: 1360


Round 3: Wanted (Castel Gandolfo)

Round 3 Scores

  • RobyRK93: 6000
  • TheSelphos: 4750
  • tacomonkey6969: 2850
  • kiro480: 2400
  • FixableHAYDOS: 1900


Overall Scores

While some rounds were contentious, RobyRK93 handily took the lead with nearly 6,000 more points than the 2nd place competitor, TheSelphos. I held my own (although I had to slow down in a few points to record scores), as did the other players. Here’s the final breakdown:

  • RobyRK93: 1660
  • TheSelphos: 10910
  • tacomonkey6969: 10890
  • kiro480: 7410
  • FixableHaydos: 6930

Congratulations to RobyRK93 and TheSelphos, who will be seeded into the Final Bracket. Thanks to everyone for playing, and curses to everyone for making me look bad!


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  1. Quick question. If the max amount of players in a lobby are 8, how are going to get yourself in the match? Unless there’s something I missed.

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