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Hello readers!

It’s been a while, but I’m not going to get sentimental or any of that crap. Instead, I’m going to jump right to the point of plugging my new show!

Starting this Saturday, January 28th (time to be announced, most likely the afternoon* though), at this link will be Episode 1 of “Dude, Rob“, a live-streaming show where I force my friend Rob to play awesome games he’s never or hardly played. The games will mostly be 16-bit/SNES-era, but that’s not to say that will be 100% of the episodes.

I have a bunch of ideas about how to torture him, none of which he knows anything about. That’s pretty much how I wrote my articles here on T3, except instead of Rob it was WiNG.**

I hope you guys can make it out to the live stream, but if not, rest assured that it will be recorded for future viewing. See you all then!

Note from WiNGSPANTT: If you’re new to Top Tier Tactics, Serge was the site’s first staff writer once I began recruiting talent. You can find an archive of his articles here. Enjoy!

* US Eastern Time
** Fuck you, too, Serge. ~WiNG

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  1. Woo Serge!!

    Looking forward to this; though I’ll have to catch the recorded show rather than the live stream.
    Time zone differences can be awkward sometimes. :(

  2. Running back to the Zapper with her tail between her legs. Delicious.

    …..Wait, wrong show.

    Anyway, nice to see the return of The Original.

    Hey serge. It’s been a while, I’ll be definitely looking forward to this, unless I forget.
    I’ll try not to forget.

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