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PARIS, FRANCE, February 13, 2012 – TriOviz®, the leading provider of stereoscopic solutions for the game and entertainment industries, today announced the appointment of Glenn Warrington as Head of Sales for UK and Northern Europe. Glenn will be responsible for expanding TriOviz‘s presence in the northern countries of Europe, both in the B-to-B and the B-to-C markets.

Experienced in selling innovative solutions into retail and distribution arenas worldwide, Glenn also brings to TriOviz his extensive expertise in entertainment media (games, film & music), mobile software and consumer electronics.

Glenn’s track record further strengthens the global and cross-sector reach of TriOviz’s existing sales team in France and in the US. The young company is staffing up to continue its expansion and to capitalize on its leadership position in the market.

TriOviz’s unique multi-platform, multi-engine, multi-display 3D technology is recognized worldwide by 3D entertainment experts and media for the immediate added value it brings to gaming and entertainment developers, publishers, distributors, retailers and consumers.

With their December 2011 acquisition the stereoscopic middleware activities of partner Darkworks®, Trioviz is now the unique global provider of the TriOviz for Games SDK.


Background information

TriOviz in brief: TriOviz is an innovative company specialized in computer vision science and stereoscopic applications. In 2010, after three years of research & development, TriOviz launched a revolutionary technology, INFICOLOR® 3D, which offers a high-quality 3D experience on regular 2D TV screens. Unlike the red-and-blue 3D glasses of the past, the innovative yet inexpensive INFICOLOR 3D glasses render 3D entertainment with beautiful colors and sharp images, without any ghosting or discomfort. It allows stereoscopic 3D content to be quickly released for DVD, Blu-Ray®, Broadcast TV, IPTV, VoD and Video Games. TriOviz’s breakthrough technology is unique on the market and available today.

TriOviz INFICOLOR glasses: Our revolutionary 3D glasses are distributed all around the world, including on Amazon.com, Walmart.com, Pixmania.fr and via our own web boutique at www.trioviz.com. INFICOLOR passive glasses are inexpensive, comfortable and stylish, providing an enhanced and relaxing 3D viewing experience in full color. INFICOLOR glasses fit over a user’s prescription eyeglasses.

TriOviz for videogaming studios and publishers: TriOviz provides gaming developers and publishers with a post-process software — the “TriOviz for Games” SDK – which enables them to release their 2D games in feature-rich 3D quickly and cost-effectively. Thanks to Trioviz’s patented INFICOLOR technology, games enhanced with TriOviz can be enjoyed in both on 3D TVs (with active or passive glasses) as well as on ordinary 2D TVs (wearing INFICOLOR eyewear).

Gaming references: TriOviz for Games Technology has already been used in eight AAA console games: Assassin’s Creed: Revelations™ (Ubisoft®), Batman: Arkham City™ (Warner Interactive®), Gears of War 3™ (Microsoft®), Captain America: Super Soldier™ (Sega®), Thor: God of Thunder (Sega®), Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters (Warner Interactive®), Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (Namco Bandaï®), Batman: Arkham Asylum (Warner Interactive®).

TriOviz for DVD, Blu-Ray®, Broadcast TV, IPTV and VoD: The patented Trioviz INFICOLOR process allows any stereoscopic 3D content to be watched on normal 2D HDTVs wearing INFICOLOR eyeglasses.

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