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With the official trailer to Assassin’s Creed 3 sitting just one day away from release or maybe even less from when this goes to publication, what better time is there to make that AC:R PC Tournament that so many have requested? The correct answer is no better time at all because I’m sure none of you will be rushing to learn more about a game that’s expensive, riddled with bugs and lacklustre at single player, if AC:R is anything to go on.Not that I’m bitter about rushing to buy ACR as soon it was available or anything.

Sorry, seem to have lost my train of thought for a second there.

Ah yes, the PC tournament for AC:R which people have been pestering WiNG about. Well it’s just lucky for you all that I was the (un)lucky T3 writer to be the only person who bought it on the PC so let’s get to the rules and shit.


Tournament format and schedule

  • The tournament will consist of twelve (12) qualifying brackets and one (1) finals bracket.
  • Players in the qualifying brackets will play one round of Wanted.
  • Player scores will be recorded between all matches. All but the one (1) best-scoring player from each bracket will be dropped, leaving twelve (12). The five (5) lowest-scoring players of these players will be dropped, and seven (7) players will advance to the finals bracket.
  • In the event of a qualifying round tie, a tie-breaker round of Simple Deathmatch may be played.
  • Finalists will play one round each of Wanted, Deathmatch, and Steal the Artifact.

Below are the times each qualifying bracket will be held. Participants must be available for one or more brackets in order to sign up. All times are Greenwich Mean Time (GMT +0).

  • Bracket A: Tuesday 13th of March, 7:00 pm to 7:15 pm
  • Bracket B: Tuesday 13th of March, 7:30 pm to 7:45 pm
  • Bracket C: Tuesday 13th of March, 8:00 pm to 8:15 pm
  • Bracket D: Tuesday 13th of March, 8:30 pm to 8:45 pm
  • Bracket E: Wednesday 14th of March, 7:00 pm to 7:15 pm
  • Bracket F: Wednesday 14th of March, 7:30 pm to 7:45 pm
  • Bracket G: Wednesday14th of March, 8:00 pm to 8:15 pm
  • Bracket H: Wednesday 14th of March, 8:30 pm to 8:45 pm
  • Bracket I: Thursday 15th of March, 7:00 pm to 7:15 pm
  • Bracket J: Thursday 15th of March, 7:30 pm to 7:45 pm
  • Bracket K: Thursday 15th of March, 8:00 pm to 8:15 pm
  • Bracket L: Thursday 15th of March, 8:30 pm to 8:45 pm
The Final Bracket will be made to suit the needs of most of the participants within reason, etc., etc.

Tournament rules/grounds for disqualification

Any player caught or suspected of cheating by any means will be immediately disqualified from the tournament. Any players believed to be collaborating or altering the game in a purposely malicious manner will be immediately disqualified from the tournament. In the event of a disconnection or server issue, Top Tier Tactics will determine how the tournament will proceed on a case-by-case basis. By participating in this tournament, players agree to have their in-game usernames stored and/or broadcast publicly by Top Tier Tactics.

Top Tier Tactics reserves the right to amend or change these rules at any time. Additional rules may be included in communications between Top Tier Tactics and tournament participants. Failure to respond in part or in whole to these communications will result in disqualification.

Tournament registration

To register for this tournament, comment on this page with the following information:

  • Your UPlay and Steam usernames
  • Which Qualifying Bracket(s) you can play in
    Please indicate any/all rounds you can possibly play (“just B,” “E-H,” “B and K”).
  • You must comment using a working e-mail address. Schedule results will be sent there.
    Do not post your e-mail address. Simply use it in the comment form.
  • If you cannot participate in any qualifying rounds, do not post your usernames here.

Qualifying round spots will be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis, though disqualifying factors and comments perceived as disruptive or spam will be removed from consideration.

Comments that do not contain all information listed will not be considered as valid registration requests. Please note that registration does not guarantee entry, which may be limited by scheduling, too many applicants, or other factors, including those outlined above. Registration will be accepted until Saturday the 10th of March, 2012.


Prizes are currently TBD, but for the time being, so just assume they are amazing. But if you’re in this for the prizes and not the glory of public victory, you’re probably not going to go far anyway!

All of that clear? Excellent. Now I can’t promise that I’ll be able to offer as much of a challenge as WiNG can (mostly because I didn’t like AC:R enough to keep playing the multiplayer) but what I can promise is that I’ll record it all and curse like a fucking sailor throughout. And if that’s not a prize in and of itself, I don’t know what is.
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  1. Alright, sign me up for Brackets A-D. abompro for Steam and Uplay. As a Deathmatch junkie, I suppose I should practice a little of Wanted.

  2. ;_; Unfortunately I can’t participate due to the times, but I probably wouldn’t have done that well anyway because I haven’t that much practice with Wanted.

  3. I can play brackets A-D and I-L.My GT is DiDiDoxx,but I don`t have steam so is it nesesary to have Steam to play the brackets?

  4. I’m going to get my ass kicked so hard xD but I don’t care, GUTS AND GLORY LADS!!!

    Steam: dodobot
    UplayISGAY: lord_dodo123
    Brackets: E-L are all possible =)

    I’m not 100% sure about my names here (yes weird but true), I’m writing this from school so I can’t look them up. I will, if necessary correct these this evening. (18:00 GMT +0)

    • Same here. No chance of winning, but hey, let’s celebrate my new hardware that’ll hopefully obliterate this game’s requirements.

      Steam: toraka90
      Uplay: toraka90 (lol autosignin)
      Brackets: Basically all, but I’d prefer to be put in the later brackets respectively (past 8:00 daily)

    • Well as it turns out, my names are correct =D IF uplay isn’t case sensitive. If it is, then the Uplay-name would be: Lord_Dodo123

      @Toraka: Y U NO POST SEPARATELY?

  5. Holy cow! A PC Tournament????????????? I’m in!!!!!!!

    UPlay: Slotered
    Steam: Slotered
    Xfire (just in case): yep, you guessed it, it’s Slotered
    Brackets: From A to L! Bring it on!!!

    Hey Ozzie and DiDiDoxx, hope we’ll play in the same brackets!!!

  6. Thanks Bin. Really appreciate you doing this!

    steam: JustLikeFM
    Uplay: just.fm
    Brackets: E-L

    See you all on the battlefield. xD

  7. I would love to participate, but you should really consider that a lot of colleges and universities in America have their spring break the week after this is scheduled.. that would be better for me, idk if any one else feels that way.

  8. Hey Bin, since the chat function on PC kinda sucks, will we be using any other freeware to talk to one another while gaming? That would be cool.

  9. Steam: ___tuce___ ( three underscores each side, wothout any spaces between anything )

    Uplay: HeJurm

    ( Xfire: HeJurm)

    Brackets: A-L

  10. Uplay : TyBy10
    Steam: Tiberius (a lot of them;the picture with Ezio and Altair as an avatar)
    Brackets: I/J/K/L
    Just…bring it!

  11. @all

    add the steam ID or your profile number not your nickname
    because there would be hundreds of duplicate nicknames but the IDs are unique.

  12. Uplay: KardinalLuzifer
    Steam: Jacquires
    Brackets: A-D

    I just hope you guys play for fun and don’t make it an Offensive Smoke shit festival.. see ya

  13. BTW! Some people could still have the 1.02 patch thus having an unfair advantage over the ones who have 1.03. They can still stun the pursuer after being poisoned and the smoke bomb works differently. In my opinion everyone should be demanded to install 1.03 to enter the tournament!

    • Wait, can those on 1.02 actually play with those with 1.03? Is there an easy way to tell when going up against players with differing versions?

      Hopefully this won’t be terrifically likely.

  14. Uplay: TERMIN4TOR1000
    Steam: stingerino10000
    Brackets: avaliable for all

    Btw so theres no mistake, there are three zeros in Uplay name, and four zeros in a Steam name

  15. Will it all be over before the 26th? Would be nice to try this out, but i travel to Poland for a few days on the 27th :p

  16. Steam: Dreamless Memories
    Uplay: LovelessMemory
    Brackets: All

    Note: I may have to withdraw due to next week’s schedule being volatile. I should be open during those times, but this just was unlucky for me because if it was the next week, then I’d be sure I can jump in. I’ll try confirm the schedule ASAP.

  17. Steam: Eccolo (Get Him) there’s a symbol in there though… hope you can find it.
    Uplay: Mihran14
    Brackets: I-L
    been waiting forever for this

  18. Uplay: MorningStar201
    steam: freeze700
    i can play in brackets E-L

    btw why do we play wanted? its so bad in acr imo, deathmatch would be better but guess ill have to train a bit. btw dont put me with Tiberius, i always do bad playing with him :) :D other than that see ya in the animus, bring it on!

    • Honestly, I couldn’t decide between Deathmatch and Wanted (I’m pretty bad at AC:R Multiplayer so I didn’t want to give free points away in Assassinate) so I just went for Wanted. It’s always seemed ok to me in AC:R but oh well.

  19. It is really likely that some players will have the 1.02 patch because the autopatching doesnt work due to ubisoft’s mistake in naming the patches… So people who dont know how to work around that problem wont have the 1.03 patch.

    • A way to work around this problem is to reinstall the game and the problem should be fixed. A simple way for a player to know if he himself has or doesnt have the 1.03 patch is to listen to the sound of a smoke bomb. In 1.03 it has the same sound as a trip wire bomb has.

      • So in other words, unless someone has it on Steam so that it auto updates, there’s no way of telling if someone has 1.02 or 1.03 and those with 1.02 may have an unfair advantage?

  20. HeJurm theres also a 1.03 number in the single player menu at the bottom left corner of the screen lol

    • Even if you failed to install 1.03 patch (kinda like half installed), like most ppl had, you’ll still get that 1.03 number in SP menu. HeJurm is right, if your smoke sounds like trip wire mine, you have a real and working 1.03.

      @Binerexis Btw, I hope we’ll have a chat room with all the players in steam, in case ppl wouldn’t be able to connect to the match or would lag like hell. We should test it first. You don’t need me to tell you that ACR is super glitchy. It’s Ubi, you know, nothing is true, everything is glitchy.

      • Why do you think I’m wanting people’s Steam username? And awwww, you make it sound like Ubisoft is the only studio to release glitchy content.

      • @Binerexis Thanks =). They’re not the only one, but they’re one of the glitchiest companies so far xD If that sounded right… =)

  21. So is it even possible do participate from across the ocean or is it a US-only kinda thing. Coz I doubt the netcode would allow me to participate :(

  22. Steam: WindRaiderJS
    Uplay: Sprinter09
    Avaliable for brackets: A-D, G-L

    Hope it’ll be fun :) It’s a pity though that so few players proceed… Couldn’t you organise semi-finals? :)
    I would also prefer deathmatch in the qualifying round. Hope it’ll be so in the next tournament ;)

    “May the best dwarf win!” :P

  23. Forgot to add, how does one work around the patch 1.03 not installing?

    Man, I was practicing Assassinate after the last TTT tournament cause that’s what the qualifiers were. Time to start on Wanted now I guess haha.

  24. I can do any of them from A-L

    Steam username “Combine (PUTC)”

    Ubisoft username “StalkerOfSkies”

  25. Uplay: airtekh
    Steam: airtekh

    I can do brackets C, D, G, H, K or L. (Basically any of the slots after 8pm.)

  26. Uplay: samwalton9
    Steam: thespamanator (You have me on Steam Bin, my profile name is Scruffy)

    I can do any of the brackets.

  27. What the hell.. Sign me up!
    Even though I’ll get my ass kicked really bad. Recognize half of the participants. LOL..

    Uplay: LadyAnkh69
    Steam: LadyAnkh69
    Xfire: miszlady

    I can only do brackets: C-D, G-H and K-L. Due to work. :)

  28. Hopefully we get invited to the group via Steam. Also, can we please drop Steal the Artifact and put in Corruption? It’s not that I am bad at StA, but it is by far the most luck based mode, whereas Corruption is not.

    • I’m currently in the process of trying to invite everyone as a friend, tagging them as ‘ACR’ and then speedily setting up a Steam group just to make things a shit load easier. It’s the reason why I’m wanting Steam usernames so I can just go crazy and add everyone so I can get hold of you or you guys can get hold of me on the off-chance everything gets ballsed up.

    • Shit, forgot to mention, the reason why the game modes are what they are is due to the following reasons:

      1. They’re the game modes used for WiNG’s tourny (almost) and I’m using that as a template to see how things go.

      2. I’m going to be so much worse than everyone else that I don’t want to be feeding people points with how bad I am. The competition is about which one of you is the best at AC:R, not which one of you is the best at killing a noob to farm points.

  29. Uplay: alexyangsiqi
    Steam: alexyangsiqi (nickname sexybeast)

    Preferably Brackets C and D, if not G and H

  30. i lookd and i can also play bracket f
    so i can play e or f

    here do you have my information again

  31. Can anyone tell me what time the session would start at Central Standard Time, if it’s going to be 7:00 PM GMT? I’m a little fuzzy on time outside of the US. Thanks.

  32. @WindRaider: Thanks man. I’ll be practicing, so I’ll definitely be online for that if Binerexis invites everyone via Steam. Oh, and I’ve got version 1.03, so that’s good.

  33. Steam username: thatguyfrank
    Uplay: DuperFrankman
    Brackets A-L

  34. Uplay : DurandalSword

    Steam Bossdumonde / DurandalSword / [M’s Revelations] DurandalSword

    Brackets I, J, K, L

    • Sorry about this, Binerexis, but I finally can’t do the tournament…
      I’m sorry about that, apologizes…
      If you could erase me of the brackets…

  35. I can do brackets I-L.
    Steam Username: Muffinator
    Uplay: borntoski123

    I will probably die, but I’d love to try anyway :)

  36. Hmm I just received an email claiming that I was chosen to participate but I can’t seem to find my name in any of the brackets :S

  37. seems like there’s two guys in bracket b that cant show up today, huki and bornahlousek. maybe Frankman and MCgreasypig can replace them?

  38. Binerexis >> What’s your Uplay name? Did I accept you? Maybe not so I must know! ;)

    Uplay: J.bex64
    Steam: J_bex64

    I’m already signed in but I write it again!

    • Well, I think that if you’re wandering what is Binerexis’s Uplay name the first one you should try to find is… Binerexis! You can find him through Friend Finder.
      Btw chill out guy, you’re playing tomorrow and at least some of the guys who are playing today still haven’t been invited.

  39. benerexis and me lost connection after ~2minutes in the game…so how are we going to handle that? i don’t know where else to go with this problem… =(

    • If you had actually added me on Steam, you could have told me what the problem was and we could have restarted the match. As you didn’t add me on Steam, we had no way to communicate.

      Luckily for you, the tournament is cancelled until further notice.

      • i’m pretty sure you made a comment above stating that you want to add everybody, i’ve been waiting for that. what would be the point of having to post my steam name in the first place, if i’m the one who has to add you. i’m just saying, no hard feelings.

  40. Guys, use xfire to communicate will be easier than use steam, in a free soft and very usefull during all games, and if you got a problem, you can say it !

    • It’s more likely that people already have Steam rather than XFire. There is also the problem that I used XFire long ago, didn’t like and don’t want to have it wasting space on my machine.

  41. gonna post it here too, posted it in the bracket thread already.

    Most people who play ACR use Xfire for communication in-game so we could communicate because the voice chat in ACR is really bad. It’s impossible to know whats going on without having some kind of chat/communication system.

    yeah and i’ve never seen you to ask to add you in steam. I tought you were gonna add us, because you asked for our steam accounts names. Been checking steam constantly for the last couple of days for an invite…

    Reschedule our brackets and maybe we sould use xfire since it works much better than steam–

    • The majority of participants already have Steam. There’s no point in asking them to also get XFire. As I said above, I won’t be getting XFire because Steam is already more than sufficient.

      • Yet still if we are to use Steam then you must be the one to invite others cause those who have created a Steam account for the purpose of this tourney can’t invite anyone (you can’t invite anybody unless you have a game on Steam).

      • If you say this will work… Well, I’ll try that. Now I’m not so sure but I think the info on Steam said you have to buy a game. Anyway, we’ll see.

      • I have had steam for a long time now and have many games on it but i still never got your invite :(

      • Ye, just, why don’t speak with it ? or create chat room, don’t know … It’s not easier ?

  42. just a note steam + xfire = crash
    some of us use the steam version of the game
    steam is easy i don’t know whats your problem with it

    • I’m not saying Steam is not easy. I’m saying that Binerexis sends an invitation and we don’t get any.

      • you must download any free game i think there are some very small games like ‘ realm of the mad god’ or something

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