Home Editorial Why the next PC ACR tournament will be a rousing success

After the travesty that was the last tournament, a lot of you very kindly took to the comments of the relevant articles (and my YouTube channel) with some very . . . helpful?

Yeah, I’ll roll with helpful.

Very helpful comments on how to improve and make things an all around better tournament experience.

You were even kind enough to check out the footage of the tournament and give your thoughts on what could be done better on that front too!

In fact, for those who haven’t already seen them, here are the videos from the tournament!


Bracket A pre-game warmup


Failed Bracket A


Weren’t they just delightful? Anyway, onwards to the suggestions.


Game mode changes

Due to the near-unanimous verdict that Wanted sucks, the game mode for the qualifying brackets will now be Simple Deathmatch. With the recent patch changing how some abilities behave, it just isn’t fair to make people use abilities at all in a competitive setting. Additionally, with many commenting on how some abilities are ‘cheap’ or may not fit into ‘playing the mode properly’, I can only determine that the true pro way to play AC:R is to remove the abilities all together. Guns? More like pansy long-range cowardly pew-pew sticks. Poison? Sounds like someone is too afraid to do some real stabbing or wants to administer medication but failed medical school and is therefore not a real doctor. Mute? More like “Cute, you have a skill which will give you an advantage in literally any situation.”

The weapons of real Assassins/Templars/Union Soldiers/Liverpudlians are concealed blades and a stern bitchslap.


Bracket layout changes

A number of users voiced their dismay at not having a semi-final. Of course, a lack of participants isn’t a good excuse. Whilst I have now come to terms with that fact, I fear I may never be able to look at myself in the mirror again but that’s just something I have to deal with. I can only hope that the changes in layout can make up for my horrible, horrible mistake.

Brackets will now consist of a maximum of two contestants to maximise the number of ‘finals’ held. If we get similar numbers for the next tournament as the failed one, this means more than a whopping thirty separate brackets. It also avoids the whole issue of ‘dropping’ people should they not be near the top of a match because hey, it’s heads-up and winner takes all! Also, to yet again increase the number of brackets, those who lose their bracket after the first five matches get re-entered into a separate tournament for second place. That’s a bonus of 83% more brackets!


Sign-up changes

These are by far the most practical changes. In the previous tournament, I underestimated simply how many people were interested in the tournament and thus the methods of contact were inadequate. Those responsible have been sacked. In addition to the requirements of the previous tournament (which basically came down to 1. have the game and 2. have Steam) the following criteria have been added:

  • Those wishing to participate must add me on UPlay/Steam rather than me adding them (One hundred people adding one person is easier than one person adding one hundred)
  • Participants must be over the age of 18. AC:R has a lot of violence and, oddly, some very sweary Vikings and I don’t want it breaking fragile little minds as video games have been known to do
  • At least one participant must be an Ubisoft employee/representative so they can give us a heads up on exactly when the servers will shit themselves
  • The aforementioned Ubisoft employee must also sign a waiver stating that should any technical difficulties arise, they are to sacrifice their own life in the ancient tradition of ritualistic kneecapping.
  • All applications must also be submitted in writing with valid photo identification
  • A sign-up fee of $30 is required to separate those joining for fun and those who have the heart and dedication to win

Finally, some feedback I received on the videos are that whilst my commentary is amusing and entertaining, I play like a retarded puppy with no limbs and also has cancer. As such, I will need time to improve until sign-ups begin. Sign-ups will open on the 5th of June 2015.

Please leave any thoughts or suggestions in the comments section below and I believe that, with your help and in time under the ever watchful eyes of Our Lord, we can make a truly great tournament for our time.

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  1. I think I can comply with these rules. Although everyone who actually wants to join now, will probably be 18 by the time the registration opens. ^.^

    But all silliness aside, I actually think that simple death match might not be such a bad idea.

  2. I joined at the end of the “pre-game warmup” session but unfortunately in those 20 seconds I didn’t manage to kill anybody…
    Don’t get pissed off Binerexis, just calm down :)

  3. Photo proof, $30 sign up fee… why? I thought that whole tournament was all about fun and getting the PC community together. Oh well, I suppose that means I’ll pass up. Best wishes for those staying in the tournament!

  4. Photo is fine by me, $30 sign up fee was hopefully a joke but I like having an Ubisoft employee with us >=D
    I’d still vote for a little change. Lets sacrifice another Ubisoft employee right at the beginning, for two reasons: 1. The f***ed up march tournament and 2. shits and giggles >=D

    • Yeah, but at least for me a quite bad joke. It looks like Binerexis was a little pissed off when he was writing this, and to be honest, it’s not strange for me. Some of the comments on youtube were definitely inappropriate.
      Binx, I’m sorry you had to read comments meaning more-less that you “play like a retarded puppy”.
      And to those who had written those comments – Shame on you!

      • I can honestly say I wasn’t angry or pissed off when writing this. When I write when angry, there’s a minimum of 1200 words that get spewed onto a page.

      • If you play like a retarded puppy that is dying of cancer (don’t laugh – I work at a vet clinic, you heartless bastard), then I probably play like a retarded puppy that is dying of cancer while drowning in it’s own water dish. Now that I haven’t seen.

      • What do veterans have to do with puppies dying of cancer? Do veterans give puppies cancer?! BASTARDS!

  5. Well, I think that’s good :)
    I’ll also ask here – do you have any idea what to do if I have already downloaded 2 games on Steam and I’m still unable to send you a friend request?

  6. Must be over 18? haha you know, half of the participants from the cancelled tournament is below 18, right..? Not that Im complain or anything.. :’D

    And I surely hope you are joking regarding the sign-up fee and sign-up date.. xD

  7. If someone thought Binerexis was serious, you are retarded. That’s all I gotta say about that. As for Simple Deathmatch, I’m game for that. I might suck because I always like that cozy feeling of somewhere in the map there is another character that looks like me (Blender, Morph). :P But yeah, I’m totally game for whenever this is starting. I’ve been practicing a lot more lately and I’ve been on a bit of a winning streak. Came from a 2500 point deficit and won without 2X score, and with only smoke and morph. Boo yah!

  8. I’m seriously impressed at how many people this trolled. Mad props to Binerexis.

    Constructive criticism: make it so that people are stuck with whatever char they pick in their first match.

    • That could become problematic if two winners advance and they both played as the Doctor in the first match. Not a bad suggestion but one that could be impractical.

      • This is true. I figured it would limit trickery that could downplay the competitive nature of this tournament.

      • It was sarcasm to go with the rest of your post.

        But in the sense that we tend to associate certain players and their style with the char they play as. Like you see the Thespian, and think WiNG, and just know that you’re gonna get sassed.

        So if players stick with a char all tourney, we know what to expect when we get them as a target/see them as our pursuer.

        I’ve never actually played against WiNG; that was just an illustrative example.

  9. Nice =). I agree, you can have my money, but I won’t show you my face, because it has been deformed due to the amount of offensive smoke bomb it breathed. I need a new mask… or a hood… or probably both.

  10. Oh, good, so you didn’t record my getting thrown about in the earlier test game. On second thought, maybe you should have, so you can post it up and say that you _aren’t_ playing like a retarded puppy with no limbs that has cancer.

    Also: if you wanna do SDM, do it on Mont Saint-Michel.

    • That was the game chosen to test all the audio stuff with and, for some reason, Fraps REALLY doesn’t like my mic and an occasional BZZZZZT would pop up. The game I played with you had too much of that whereas the other games had it to a degree where I could edit it without deleting my fucking brilliant material.

  11. Haven’t been here for a while but now I’m back and I have to say that it can stay as one big joke, but Binerexis PLZ – Simple Deathmatch is the best idea ever!
    If someone says that SDM is based on luck then OMG LOL WTF?! Where do you have luck in mode where you don’t have abilities? You don’t have to worry about who will mute first, who will throw down the smoke better etc etc etc… SDM is the only mode ATM that requires real skill. You have to hide, you have to be smart, you have to wait for your chance, avoid your persuers instead of just muting them, and get a fucking SCORE KILLS to win, not more stuns then your opponent. This is what the game is about. SDM should be the mode for qualification round. Period.

    • Yeah, SDM is the more “realistic” mode but 50% of the time I spawn next to my pursuer and the other 50% my target. This hardly seems “skillful”. Hiding = an honourable death. Waiting = X_X. Avoiding = more running and roofing.

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