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You like video games, but there’s a nagging problem:
They tend to cost money.

In the spirit of increasing long-term readership generosity, we thought we’d help you out with that little problem. Every month at T3, we’ll be giving out two free games to you, our readers.

Just comment on any article on the site!

Every month we’ll pick the funniest comment and the most insightful comment and award each person with any game on Steam up to $12.50 in value.

There are no limits to how many times you can enter, but keep in mind we’ll be awarding prizes based on quality. We love hearing your thoughts when they’re genuinely entertaining or helpful. Spamming Pokemon memes? Not so much. We basically want to reward readers for sharing unique opinions and contributing to the overall discourse here at Top Tier Tactics.

If it goes well and our site isn’t crashed by millions of “FIIIRRRSST!!!1!” comments, we’ll look to increase the prize amount or the number of winners, or add a category like “Most hauntingly predictive comment in retrospect.” In the mean time, we have free stuff to give away!

This is a great excuse to tell the world what you’re really thinking. Best case scenario, you get some free loot on Steam. Worst case scenario? You make some random people on the internet mad. Actually, that might not be so bad, either.

And while this particular article does technically count in the contest this month, we know you probably have lots to say about other subjects like Dungeon DefendersXiant’s new design series, or Mass Effect 3. Don’t be shy, let us know what’s on your mind!


Rules and disclaimers

Winners must be legally eligible to accept prizes and must pay any applicable state and federal fees/taxes as required by law. No substitutions or transfers will be made. Winners must comment using a valid e-mail address in order to claim their prizes. Entrants who are proven or suspected of suspicious activity may be disqualified. Limit one winner per household per calendar quarter. Top Tier Tactics reserves the rights to modify or cancel any aspect of this contest at any time without notice.

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  1. My god, what have you guys done? You’ve just opened the floodgates for the internet to enter the site and flood the comments.

    God save your souls. XD

  2. Why is Scrooge McDuck on there.

    I demand the picture to be changed to something more appropriate. That picture does not have anything to do with this contest at all, nor does it represent my financial situation, nor the spirit of generosity in this contest.

    Or is this picture some-kind of hidden message? Is this WingspanTT trolling again? Are you just trying to raise my hopes just to dash it in the last second, like Scrooge has always done to Donald? Are you flaunting your wealth to the less fortunate members of this website/forum?

    Damn you WingspanTT and your damn nonsensical picture choosing skills.

    • Quite unfitting indeed! after all Scrooge McDuck’s the one that get’s his face crushed, diving headfirst into a pool of metal coins. Is that gonna happen to us too?

      • While I can suspend my disbelief on the properties of the pool of metal coins, I am struggling to make sense of the appropriateness of the symbolic meanings within this picture.

        This picture shows a duck-man of great wealth, who happens to be quite stingy and cruel. It contradicts the picture that WingspanTT is trying to paint by setting up this contest. Clearly a contest like this is meant to encourage people to comment and promote the fact that TopTierTactics is a very generous website.

    • I’m going to go with the analogy that Wing is Scrooge McDuck swimming though a pool of golden comments trying to find his #1 dime.

  3. I’m gonna give “most insightful comment” a shot
    I shall present a monologue called: “Is normalcy really objective?”

    Is normalcy objective? Is it subjective? Define normal.

    The merriam-webster dictionary defines it as:
    Normal (adj)
    a : according with, constituting, or not deviating from a norm, rule, or principle
    b : conforming to a type, standard, or regular pattern

    What is this type? What is this standard? What is the “norm”?

    Maybe for you, normal is eating a cheeseburger. I bet people from India would disagree.

    Is conformity normal? is anticonformity normal?
    If you conform, you’re letting people tell you what to do, if you don’t you’re letting people you hate tell you what to do.

    Normalcy in reality is just a thin veil that every person paints over everything, For some that veil might be blue, for others, pink, and for others, black.

    Everyone has their own views and their own opinions. What’s normal for one is batshit crazy for another. The media wants to set normal, mold the world in their perfect image, but you can’t! You can’t change the thoughts, the beliefs of a person. Someone will always think differently, no matter how many sheep they have brainwashed.

    I think normalcy is subjective. Maybe that’s just what they want is to believe.

  4. I guess that insight would be kinda out of place in any other article…. And if i commented on a super old one, no one would read it…. Does my entry still count?

      • I think what we really need here is some sort of official post that lists all of the relevant contest information.

      • Hey Wing, just a small question, would we be able to buy other things on steam? I.E. Stuff like keys from the Mann Co. Store on TF2?? I hate those god dang boxes, I want to buy a few keys lol.
        Ah, insightful or funny comments? Well, I used to be an adventurer lik– Comment Removed by the W.G.H.K.A.(Whiterun Guards with Hurt Knees Association)

      • It can be anything that can be purchased and directly sent via Steam gifts. We can’t buy anything that requires buying, then trading it. Also, it will be limited to one item. So if you want keys you will have to get just 1 key.

  5. The end of the world will be October 12th, 2017.

    And yes, I realize the irony of winning “Most hauntingly predictive comment in retrospect,”. I do.

  6. All these comments attempting to be the winner want to make me cry in a corner. What has happened to the internet? Are we really that selfish for new stuff? WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR HUMANITY?

    That said, I like this idea.

  7. Wing look at what you have done. These people are making these rather corny jokes just to win free stuff. The only reason Im not making a corny joke is because I don’t really play pc.

  8. these guy on youtube corrects a grammar error only to relies someone corrects his spelling error for misspelling grammar also this guy is complaining that all the top comments are about justin bieber dick and then his comment become’s the top comment ironies at it’s best.

  9. I like donuts. Specially strawberry jelly filled ones.Therefore, Mont St Michel is tasty and there is no reason for anyone to dislike that map. Unless you’re WiNG.

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