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Top Tier Tactics may be another year older, but don’t make the common mistake of assuming it’s another year wiser. No, after 731 days of existence, this blog is still the stubborn, rage-fueled bastion of hypocrisy it always was.

And we hope you love it that way.

It is, of course, strange to think about how far this site, my site, has come in the last two years. At this time in 2010, I was getting maybe 90 visitors a month.* Now that figure is over 90,000. And yet the drive for better things never ends.

T3 is still a relatively unknown site, with a niche following of dedicated readers and a large cadre of random passers-by who stumble upon the site looking for ways to troll their fellow players. I’m always highly grateful to all our loyal readers, which is in part why I wanted to reward them for sticking around. And I’m always looking for ways to make the site more valuable to those who happen upon it in their web surfing.

If there’s anything we can do to make the site better, please let us know. And if there’s anything you can do to help spread the word about T3, for the love of all things holy please do it.

What more can I say? Happy WiNGSPANNIVERSARY! Here’s to another 365 days of strategy, sarcasm, satire, and serial lists.



*50% of whom were my coworkers, visiting under threat of murder.

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    • As long as that readership stays because the find us endlessly entertaining, intelligent and obscenely handsome, I’m fine with it.

      I don’t write because I want to talk about the latest gaming news. That’s not T3. We have opinions and strategies, not a need to share what many gamers already knew fifty seven seconds ago.

  1. Grats, Wing. From humble beginnings, to this greatacularlyspleniferouslyamazing place. Here’s to another year of greatness, let us hope for many more to come.

  2. Congrats, Wing! I’m a relative newcomer here, but I already know that it’s a great place to go for tips, tricks and trolling ideas :)

  3. Congratulations Wing, May this site live long and prosper! Looking forward to another year of trolling, and winning!

    Now I have an excuse to drink more wine, cheers *Clink*

  4. Why not try getting a child to infiltrate a local police building with the Top Tier Tactics logo taped on his back? You know, for… advertising reasons.

  5. Combine Piece of paper and Herb?
    You made a Joint.
    You used Lighter on Joint… Nice

    Lol Favorite episode ever.
    I have been on T3 since your first days of plastering the wall of TF2 and here’s to many more years!!!

  6. Oh, so long, yet so short. I remember back when TF2 Spy tactics videos were all you had on YouTube.
    You have changed. The site has changed. Friendship has changed. Well, the last one not so much.

    You went from being a extremely patient spy player and an, I must say, incredibly handsome ninja to one of the best AC MP players I’ve ever seen and master of my favorite web blog.

    But, as I mentioned, not only you have changed, Wing, but so has the site, as well. It’s no longer the average website where some dude nobody cares about (no offense) is ranting around, but a more professional-looking web blog with overall gaming information and strategy, incredible amounts of sarcasm and the rants of some dude people actually care about.
    90’000 darn people a month! Although that’s partially from my at least daily hits, it’s still an impressive number.

    So here’s to all of it. TTT, may it live long and prosper. Wing, may you pwn noobs every day in ACR. Every reader of TTT, may we continue to make TTT as awesome as it is.

    And remember:

    You’re still alive
    You’re still a spy
    No need to apologize.

    • Toraka, I certainly remember you as an early Spy Lesson commenter and of course a pal on Steam. It warms my heart to see you remember those lyrics.

      Even I forget a lot of the stuff I’ve put together over the years. Putting together that recap vid for LIAG I ran across so many memories and good times, both IRL and in the final video cuts. I’m working with Dan now to get a Kickstarter going.


      • Heh, I’m kind of the one to thank you. Your videos are, in varying degrees, what got me into TF2, Mirror’s Edge and Assassin’s Creed. Yeah, the 20 second snip of Still Alive brought me to Mirror’s Edge.
        Great game. Shame EA killed it.

        This is the point where you apologize for the advice your spy videos gave a young, unknowing spy.

  7. I’m surprised you didn’t do anything with ‘over 90,000’.

    Anyway, I’m actually pretty new here too, after seeing your great ACR videos I checked out the website, and it. Is. Awesome. So, uh, here’s to another year of greatness and, uh, stuff. Um… Just what everyone else said.

  8. I’m the random French guy who loves TTT.

    Je souhaite à toute l’équipe de Top Tier Tactics un joyeux 2e anniversaire. Que la prochaine année vous soit favorable!

  9. Good going, Wing! Sorry to say I haven’t been here long. Watched you TF2 videos for the past…oh, I’d call it a year? And then I accidentally found the site looking for BF3 tips. Said “Is that…hey that’s Wing!”

    Never looked back, never regretted, never accepted defeat.

  10. Ahhh TTT,
    i am one of the people who accidentally stumbled upon this site and i instantly fell in love. It turns out that there are more people like me who enjoy playing video games for their essence as well as for trolling innocent gamers. Keep up the great forum so that we, the fans, could continue supporting and learning from the best, WingspannTT. Huge Fan, Boris

  11. There is simply no other words except :
    Thank God
    الحمد لله
    Díky Bohu
    God zij dank
    Dóxa to̱ Theó̱

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